Month: March 2017

The water quality can meet the control objectives

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"in 2007 by the Huangshui River water quality severe pollution into light pollution in 2011, and in the first half of this year to further improve, achieve the objectives and requirements of national water quality control." Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection in the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin water pollution…

Would you please recommend 2015 Xining news

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"2015" with the pace of just unable to part away, but still in the hearts of the aftertaste.

Xining City, take measures to build talent highland

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The annual meeting of urban planning in China is the largest and highest academic event in china. Before this year, the annual meeting has never appeared in Xining. Since Dr. Wu Zhicheng came to work in Xining, Xining planning department finally participated in this event, but also on the Xining urban planning proposals have become…

Xining urban district 13609 elderly leaders over the age of 70 subsidies

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December 13th, a reporter from the Xining City Committee on Aging office learned that the City District of Xining City, 13609 more than 70 years of age (70 years old 79 years old) for the first time to before the old subsidy, enjoy the party and the government care for the elderly. to improve the…

The regulations of Qinghai Province on the popularization of Social Sciences shall be put into effec

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yesterday, reporters from the provincial government information office held a news conference was informed that the Qinghai Provincial Social Science Popularization Ordinance from December 1st this year, the official implementation. The regulations based on the local characteristics of Qinghai, advancing with the times to regulate the basic content of social science popularization. According to ,…

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to carry out environmental protection activities

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is the forty-first world environment day, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the center of my city to carry out environmental protection activities. This year’s World Environment Day "green economy: are you involved?" The theme and my bureau actual work to publicize the current situation of environmental protection in our country, introduces the basic…

Xining city north of the city of 13 villagers difficult to solve the problem of draft

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recently, reporters in the north area of Qi city village of Xining City Zhang uncle home to see, unscrew the faucet, clean tap water "rushing" runs out. Zhang uncle pick up the water while talking about: I hope for so long, finally eat tap water." Residents living on the water, told reporters that the matter…

Xining took the lead in the implementation of the administrative reconsideration decision on the Int

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Recently, the author learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government, to further promote administration according to law, accelerate the construction of the government under the rule of law in the process, the Xining municipal government will implement the administrative reconsideration decision to determine the online public administration 2015 new points, the first…

Three enterprises to support the construction of Huangzhong maritime school information

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in December 4th, the provincial education development foundation under the coordination of Qinghai Ying Ji Building Group Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Dingxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Tongxin real estate development company free of charge to the Huangzhong county school informatization construction project of sea Zi Gou donated 57 sets, 1 sets of computer digital…

Xining Seismological Bureau to strengthen the management of Xining earthquake observation points

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In order to further improve the quality of macroscopic observation data, in February 22nd, according to the difference of the macroscopic anomalies and the abnormal reaction of the animals, the Seismological Bureau of the people’s Republic of China carried out the inspection of 8 macroscopic observation points in the area in order to further improve…

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