Three methods of make the website more friendly to search engine

search engine is the pursuit of the good experience of the user, the pursuit of a collection of web pages can be honest and reliable to search for users to bring substantial things". A way to search the core idea of the lead. Since the search engine are the pursuit of the user experience, we rely on the search engine to live small webmaster should be more and work together in pursuit of the user experience, so as to fundamentally to the search engine more friendly, relative to the search engine more love their station. Cheating and deception are contrary to the basic principles of the search engine, the final result is not K is right to be reduced, it is vulnerable. read more

The weight lifting way how to make effective one way links

so in front, one-way links can get the maximum weight of search engine. Then we should try to create some one-way links. This paper from the following aspects to bring how to make effective method of one-way links to everyone. Pay for. Many Webmaster Station have links to purchase advertising. But most business is good. After all, just buy some high weight links or very practical. Of course, the black chain is not recommended. What is black chain? Literally, is black, can not see light. Yes, black chain is black, can be black station, where high quality must also not go. Black chain hand quality is not high, while the number of high once it is easy to be search engine cheating. But black chain is not stable, may hang in there today, tomorrow removed you don’t know. You said search engines love this read more

Although NetEase play nofollow do not affect the blog site for service

the more than 8000 visits are the direct access to the. No one could remember my blog address directly into the access in the search engine, then the direct access is self generated on NetEase. I would like to be at the time of writing this article is recommended to the relevant column, will be attracted so many clicks.

open source code, see nofollow, you will find a lot of places on the label. So many people think that such a NetEase do, almost no use value. It is better to give up.


  read more

A are you cheating innocent or ignorant

we need to recognize the essence of optimization. Shanghai dragon some things are hard to define right and wrong, the search engine that you are wrong, may also is not necessarily wrong, but there are some problems accumulated too much, from quantitative to qualitative development.

in fact many people simply can not find these details wrong, especially some power relatively small staff, knowledge of Shanghai dragon is relatively fragmented, every day do not think too much, just need to take into account their work done. See what we are doing, " read more

Optimization of website user experience is king era should do those details

third, through a variety of ways to make high quality website traffic into. Website optimization many people think I just do a keyword ranking on OK, the ranking flow comes naturally, in fact, to some extent this a misunderstanding, our website is the core of the high value of the operation flow, and traffic sources in addition to Shanghai dragon I can have through the QQ group, micro-blog, SNS etc. the introduction of a wide range of social media promotion, the directional flow of active users of our website is constantly increasing, and constantly improve the user viscosity in turn to we are optimization of Shanghai Longfeng strategy implementation, therefore, do not think that there is no effect of the flow of external sites, most of the time for the promotion of external flow plays an important role in the website the author thinks that the external flow of ranking, we don’t have to, do you think that the quality of the platform is relatively high, we have The way into their own website, do not disregard the quality of the flow itself to flow, low quality will bounce rate will rise, the website is undoubtedly the The loss outweighs the gain. read more

How to increase the exposure rate of Shanghai dragon website search engine optimization article

, Title Optimization, matching and matching to Shanghai dragon optimization keyword page title, must be put in the first place! But it neatly, the prominent theme in quality not in quantity. In order to reach the station after the better we have the Shanghai dragon optimization, you can know the functions and use of their own site, understand the user in mind the location of the website, and adjust our website and strategy. The main contents of "matching and matching to optimize keyword, these include keyword on the site of the structure position and number etc.. Here it is not clear, look at the market effect "is how to put the read more

A copy of the world article say love Shanghai nternet Ecological blueprint debut

" report "(currently) in all of the PC side of the site, low quality sites accounted for more than 75% (low quality website 40% for cheating station, 20% worthless sites, 40% bad acquisition station)".

is so, the reason is because the network content all marketers are eager to "marketing, good content is good, bad is good" as the Shanghai dragon creed, the "content is king" wrongly equated with "more" content is king ", say more, sell more", in the content of making Jerry, "almost on the line", or even "the world is a big copy, see you will not copy copy copy" pseudo original acquisition "in the end. read more

Five tips to make your blog link be full of sound and colour


blog links will make people feel surprised. With the golden value of the blog is based on a large user base and active community. Not only do they have a common link and advantage is very useful to enhance brand awareness and industrial benefit.

link to your blog community relations never forget. As far as possible the use of relations to improve your community influence, so that we can get more posts containing your links. Generally speaking, a link, a person has and you mutual attention, and quote your blog content, asking people to add your link to more easily than you abruptly. read more

From the point Title Change of Enlightenment

! some help!

I suggest that if you do some keyword optimization page, preferably contains set keywords in the message header, and the main key is placed in front of the title part, to improve the ranking of search results, at the same time, the author also suggested that the keyword 3-5 is usually used around to look at the key words length, keywords short words with 5 similar words, keywords long words with three or so, the author of "the basic layout of this kind of method is included, well, more analysis of search engine, in fact even more friends to search the practice, I believe you will find more tips. 贵族宝贝 from Shanghai dragon welcome to reprint, exchange. read more

A full time er you have to understand the site of Shanghai Longfeng construction operation and maint

first, a new station on the line before the planning work. Before the planning work station of a company is very important, because the subsequent site structure, layout, URL details are pre planning and construction work, the author found that many companies were initially eager to make the site, and finally had to rework, causing the site cost and operational thinking is a very big impact, the planning is to set up the website specifically for the purpose of enterprises, according to the structure of different planning purposes of different websites to choose a different code in structure and access experience must be done. read more

How the site from almost died to back

promise so much to the question:"

Travel two days before

as a webmaster most headaches is not the site is down right, website ranking from Shanghai home fell to love gone, encountered this kind of situation is not a webmaster is not distressed and anxious, because webmasters may not find a good website ranking, why came off, looking for no site is the cause of the K, but many sites will be K off It is without rhyme or reason. love Shanghai, or some other cheating by owners will do their own websites on the home but could not stay too long for K, the site was K love in Shanghai is not to punish you It is without rhyme or reason. website, as a a webmaster must have a plan for the worst, the worst is that you usually should be the K or no ranking reason to keep to maintain to discover whether the site has no other The safety factor, then we look at the problem of read more

[Photo] how to use the FlashFXP upload website program

6, click the "options" for the following selection of list mode "and" data link model "and" application "-" connection ";

website right down topics:



special chain optimization:

industry: >

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

FlashFXP settings,

final version crack

4, and then click the "new site" button, enter the name of the site you love at the window pops up;

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical read more

Cosmetics website optimization techniques you know

cosmetic industry as a special industry, a broad consumer market, competition among each other, resulting in many enterprises to pave the way to enhance brand awareness, increase sales and benefit. This one, for the cosmetics brand website construction is favored by many enterprises. Although we have set foot in website construction of the cosmetics industry, but the construction quality is uneven in quality. Some very successful, but some decline, not a good use of cyber source, not only waste a lot of manpower and resources, and there is no effect. Xiaobian summary, we will be in the website construction problems encountered in the process of sharing experience and suggestions as follows: read more

Fast ranking design strategy secret 2017 new website

ZhengzhouThe increase of

injuryThe compensation lawyer

long tail word drainage increase keywords other high index, this method is often used in the large platform website, if reasonable to meet the requirements of optimization love Shanghai website design, then all rankings are so successful, because it is reasonable on the keywords ranking, just a few times to make some no index or low index words on the front page, which is the site of the reasonable structure design benefits, if the site weight high so that the last words are not index with extreme ease things, dozens of the index and the one hundred index are more than ten times can click on the index of word will be with the other the word ranking also followed up. read more

Analysis on how to optimize the website page

most of us can know to Shanghai dragon as the rational interspersed repeated keywords. Here I focus to introduce the relevant reading plate, reading plays a very role: to improve the center of the page keyword density.

case: love Shanghai love Shanghai product library, in addition to the title of the article, behind only four words "love of Shanghai library". The more literal title appears in the title has nothing to do with the weight, the lower the title belongs to.

2, popular and recognized read more

According to the importance of the social networking site optimization optimization content

Marie-Lynn Richard recently published an article introduces some practice examples of content optimization of social networking sites. This article is to choose the Yierlai translation. Please read the text.

and this is shared via Flipboard news, Flipboard has completely ignored the modern potters Eva Zeisel videos, and call the news author Adam Flaherty photo.

spend a little time to consider your publication selection of pictures, and then spend a little time to think of the brand you write text. You know when people share and spread your content, related pictures and text will be machine identification and analysis, it is important that Facebook allows you to control these different elements to make your content more attractive and more efficient communication. read more

Alibaba bought all shares of a pat net and shut it down completelyPersonal experience of earning sev


1., a site with stable traffic, around 500IP personal speculation.

still no answer?


2. content is more substantial, there is no illegal content.

3. passed the filing of the Ministry of information industry

first introduce myself, I graduated from the 06 known as the international metropolis a three stream school, the talent market competition, professional too hot, from the end of the internship for half a year has not found a suitable job, due to the face and do not want to return home, so most of the time in the nest cafe. A chance to go to the higher road, more than 4 years there have been numerous hardships, helplessness, frustration and pain, also has infinite passion, hope and the spirit of never giving up, of course, also has from zero income now stable at about 8000~12000 per month, more time will be a little more stable income I say is what not to do, should be more than the general white-collar workers now, most of the time did not say, because it hit some worry for money troubles in the struggle Friends. read more

Nine wins proud shield accelerator CPS advertising suspendedAli mother K station monitoring machine

nine wins advertising alliance

?This is a


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

more League information goes on:

, everybody:

website is not a minority, do so many websites are cheating? More ridiculous is that the owners said the daily income of a few cents had received a click abnormal data message is sealed, and have to give up the Ali Mama, do not put in advertisement of the mom in a few months, suddenly received a click the abnormal data was email, which in the end is the machine fault monitoring is the conscience of broken read more

The most profitable mode advertising advertising ranking classification competitionWill all chip

supporters are generally based on the following three latitude: get material rewards; appreciate you and want to help you; be certain of your values; feel that you are doing something meaningful. The last two because

is now often able to see in the circle of friends, we forwarded some public welfare projects raised, more information is getting help for major diseases, compared to other social public raising projects, such projects are more forward. In the past, it was difficult to raise money for such injuries, and it was necessary to have traditional media coverage as an endorsement to make it easier to finance. But now is the era of mobile information, to social dissemination as a carrier, greatly reducing the financing threshold, enhanced exposure rate, financing success rate also increased. Most people in this society uphold love and kindness. Show public service to raise public love, and now has become one of the channels to help people in trouble find hope. read more

The ordinary railway workers of higher lower Taobao shopPost online salary over a thousand To join t

only pay 120 yuan per year agent fee

so I started creating a group. The use of mass software to send information, although the daily delivery volume is small, it is estimated that only about 3000 of the service rate, but are targeted for targeted customers, so the effect is also very good. In a few days, there are many Taobao sellers looking for me, let me improve their credit for them. My price was 0 at that time. 5 yuan. And it brushes very quickly. It’s almost 6 hours to 1. 250 credit, that is to earn 125 yuan.. Gradually, there are more customers. I can’t brush it, either.. Because my work on the railway is constantly changing. So I want to set up a credit team. Give them a commission. Give them 0.3 yuan each. And I will brush the price of credit to 150 yuan a drill. As a result, I can greatly reduce my burden.. Only need to go to class every day, talk to the customer later, and then send the business to the house. Let them finish within the stipulated time. read more