Month: September 2017

Your site ranking is not good, is there really no profitMobile Internet entrepreneurs must see verti

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chart: capital winter mobile market "focus" regression rational development to make money?After the in the network to make money, whether you are a webmaster, or shop manager, a good website hopes to build their own website can bring profit, but to their website, built after the wait alone is not making money, or need to…

Look beyond the surface problem four words to let you see the true face of Shanghai Dragon

Posted by in biqnjowu

fish and bear’s paw can not be used in the industry, Shanghai dragon in suits. The simplest example is FLASH to increase the page visual experience has a strong impetus, but in the spider there are not any love, not only love, but will let the spider in limbo, not to identify all the information…

Links exchange method and the matters needing attention (two)

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(2) after removing no notice this is almost a lot of Shanghai dragon will encounter problems, we talked to a site exchange links, then check, confirm the Links location above link has been placed in the other site, but we have a few days to check, and No. The purpose of doing so, I summed…

Love Shanghai in search of upheaval in the second half, hiding in the line in rolling you

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as the saying goes: not conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Since the love of Shanghai will be in the second half of the white paper and a wide range of implementation to crack down on the low quality of the web site, so if your web pages of high quality, can ignore…

Links exchange attention to determine success or failure

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exchange Links is a headache for many new sites, not only because of the change to the link. Now Links exchange point gradually from the noble baby PR into Shanghai and included love. But even so, choose Links still has certain reference standard. fourth, Shanghai first, the noble baby PR value love station network, created…

How to correctly take the Shanghai dragon no return

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as a business, make money on what? Of course rely on publicity and promotion, with the changing times, the Internet era has been dominating the state very few enterprises have a trend which cannot be halted, but also through advertising to distribute leaflets posted publicity, because most users are transferred to the Internet, many enterprises…

How to treat the successful case of Shanghai Dragon

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has been a lot of people do Shanghai, ask a question, if not the chain of words, is not? On this issue, said a small case, when I was in Shanghai, a program to do a number of colleagues love Shanghai more than 4 of the weight of the site, but not outside chain. The…

Noble baby Analytics white screen problem solving method

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2 in the hosts document for ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 records, and IP addresses will be revised to   4 hosts document to save and exit. No ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 record of how special note: this method by Sina micro-blog users @ flying pig in March 30th 00:06 the first time. Thank you for flying pigs. 5 clear your…

How to do web content update links from the psychology of seeking new users

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in the web site update process, many sites have to pay special attention to whether the search engine can be included, so the original requirements of content is very high, update the original content to the search engine, can reach more than 90% included, however, the original in the user’s mind, satisfaction is not so…

How to optimize the core keywords.

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two: flow station core keywords optimization strategy 1: first determine the target keywords, is generally about three, then these words to write a web page title and Keywords tag, and then from each column appropriate increase of the three target keyword density 6: the establishment of long tail keywords network strong through the release of…

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