first_img[4Q, 4th down, opponent punting, we are losing by 40+]@dwhiggs: Give me anything good.Me: They didn’t score on that drive.@dwhiggs: Yeah…meant for us.Me: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance…#HeadsetConversations— Jeff Miller (@BallCoachMiller) January 20, 2018 Here is one from my first ever college coaching game:Me : “2 minute warning coming up”HC : “there is no 2 minute warning in college sweetie” #HeadsetConversations pic.twitter.com/865RaeJ0nh— Rich Worsell (@Coach_Worsell) January 21, 2018 Coordinator: “And who the He!! Do you suggest we put in?”Asst Coach: “Good point”— Nate Albaugh (@nate_albaugh) January 19, 2018Things quickly caught fire from there, with coaches weighing in across the country with some funny stories. Here are some of the best, with a personal one from me leading things off.Just noticing that #HeadsetConversations is a real thing right nowPlaying a less athletic team than us on the perimeter that wants to play man all day @WO__Baseball @SNicholsXOLabs @coachosh pic.twitter.com/DgvhXCVaCe— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) January 20, 2018 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix About 15 years ago our headsets were on the same frequency as the local McDonald’s. Spent the whole first half hearing would you like to supersize or have fries w/ that in middle of our calls. #headsetconversations— Coach Pluim “De Grijs Baard” (@MightyJoe54) January 20, 2018 Several years agoHC:What’s it going to take to stop these guys? Me: Steroids #HeadsetConversations— Jeff Weaver (@coachweav88) January 20, 2018 Me: They’re just…dude, they’re really good.Baker: Yeah…think they’re hiring?#HeadsetConversations— Jeff Miller (@BallCoachMiller) January 20, 2018 Asst: That’s a 1st down get them up to the line before they review itMe: This is Friday not Saturdays or SundayAssist: why does the day matter? Me: It’s HS FB & we don’t review spots Asst: Damn hudl instant replay got me thinking everyone has replay #HeadsetConversations— Jeremy Hanson (@jrmyhanson) January 20, 2018 Over the weekend, the #HeadsetConversations thread caught my attention on Twitter, and the more I read, the more I found myself laughing.As with most everything on Twitter, it seemed to start with a single tweet, and grew from there.Starting something fun today. Whatchu got?#HeadsetConversationsAsst. Coach: “He’s killing us! Get him outta there!” #HeadsetConversations*checking to see if Box’s headsets are on before kickoff*Bueller….Bueller….Bueller…*when they finally respond* *breathes heavily* What are you wearing….— Coach Blazer (@SenorBlazer) January 20, 2018 *down pour*Asst Coach: This rain gear doesn’t seem to be working. There isn’t a dry spot on my body. I hope my phone still works after this. HC: Tell that group of players to lose the umbrella or go in the stands. Kids had a 6’ Umbrella on the sideline #HeadsetConversations— Coach Bowen (@bartimus58) January 20, 2018Head here to read the full #HeadsetConversations thread. We’d love to continue this with more stories, so continue the hashtag and tag @CoachSamz, and we’ll update the article with more throughout the day.last_img read more