Juve offers a barter for Pogba: Pjanic or Dybala and € 60 M

first_imgThe economic crisis caused by the coronavirus will make many teams tighten their belts once the transfer market arrives. They must choose their objectives well, but it seems that what will predominate are the exchanges of players instead of the high transfers of money. It is less damaging to a club’s financial structure to change its expendable players to footballers who really need it. And this applies even for the largest. 6 Now is the time to sign him and there are two teams in contention: Juventus and Real Madrid. The midfielder knows that Zinedine Zidane loves him and that his salary and advertising revenue could skyrocket even further. But whites are not in a hurry and large additions have been quarantined pending the evolution of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. On the other hand, he has already played for Juventus and knows what he can aspire to now that he would also have Cristiano Ronaldo companion.The Italians are not clear if they could compete with Real Madrid in a fully economic bid, but they believe that they could convince United by means of a barter to which they would also add money. The Italian newspaper talks about an exchange in which Pogba would be from Juventus at the same time that Miralem Pjanic or Paulo Dybala (only one of the two) would become red devil. All this with a sum in between in which the English would enter around 50 or 60 million euros. A difficult offer to reject that would not upset the coffers of either club. Premier League* Data updated as of March 27, 2020 According Tuttosport, This would be Juventus’ strategy when competing with Real Madrid for Paul Pogba. The footballer does not renew with the Manchester United, that you can still exercise an option to unilaterally extend your contract for another year, but the relationship with your agent, Mino RaiolaIt is not good, so a summer outing is expected before letting you escape at zero cost.last_img read more