Roberto Carlos defends Solari: “You can’t win everything, if it wouldn’t be called Liga Real Madrid”

first_imgAnd an amateur responded to the tweet with the following message: “Thank you for what you did last season.” LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 5, 2020 There are many titles in recent years friend, you can not always win but it would be called the Royal League MADRID, champions Real Madrid, Real Madrid Cup, greetings and good health, okay?– Roberto Carlos (@ Oficial_RC3) March 5, 2020That did not really like the left side of the white team, which has not hesitated to respond to the user of Twitter explaining that Real Madrid cannot win everything always: “There are many titles in the last few years, my friend. You can’t always win, if it wouldn’t be called the Real Madrid League, the Real Madrid Champions League, the Real Madrid Cup … Greetings and good health, okay?”center_img Roberto Carlos has come out in defense of his friend and former partner, Santiago Hernán Solari, coach of Real Madrid during the past season. The club paid tribute to him and the former Brazilian player uploaded a photo to social networks to congratulate him.last_img read more

3 masks that will help you to get rid of pigment spots

first_imgPigment spots are one of the signs of natural aging processes many women face in their life. They often appear after hormonal changes that occur in the body or due to frequent solarium use and long sun exposure.Professional cosmetologists will help you to solve this problem. However, you can whiten your skin at home, making masks from scratch. Yes, they will not give the immediate effect, but the result will please you.So, we offer 3 masks recipes you can make at home.1. Lemon maskLemon is considered to be one of the best products for whitening face. However, keep in mind that it can cause an allergic reaction and skin irritation so all the products that contain citrus fruits should be pre-tested on a small skin area.You will need:1 tablespoon of lemon juice;10 tablespoons of warm water.Wipe the previously cleaned skin with the mixed solution using a cotton pad. Rinse your face with cool water.2. Blackcurrant maskThis vitamin-rich berry is not only tasty, but it perfectly whitens freckles and pigment spots, tone up and moisturizes your skin when used in masks.Mix1 tablespoon of honey;1 tablespoon of unripe berries.Thoroughly stir the ingredients and apply the paste to the pigmented skin area for about 30 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water.3. Cucumber maskDoctors and cosmetologists call this vegetable the natural skin bleach. Cucumber juice not only effectively removes age spots, but also has a toning effect.Rub one cucumber to get a smooth mush. You can also add other nutritional ingredients – olive oil, lemon juice, or your usual day cream. Carefully apply the mask on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Be sure to moisturize your skin after the procedure.With the help of such affordable and simple recipes, each of us can lighten our skin at home. However, we advise you to be patient, as the visible effect may be achieved only by regular procedures.Sourcelast_img read more

Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis has announced his retirement

first_imgHollis reiterates that he doesn’t believe he ever met Larry Nassar. That’s consistent with what he told police.— Graham Couch (@Graham_Couch) January 26, 2018 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Taking the podium moments ago, Hollis attempted to clear the air by formally announcing his retirement – not resignation- and also offered the following:Hollis: “I’ve always been a Spartan, and I always will be. It’s been an absolute honor to guide the athletic dept for a decade.” Announces his retirement.— Chris Solari (@chrissolari) January 26, 2018 Hollis: My last day in the office is Wednesday (getting teary-eyed). I’ll be here to cooperated with any investigation.— Graham Couch (@Graham_Couch) January 26, 2018Earlier this week, Nassar – a former USA Gymnastics doctor that was also employed by Michigan State, was sentenced to between 40-175 years in prison for sexually abusing over 150 women and young girls, including over a dozen former Spartan athletes, that came to him for care.President Lou Anna Simon was forced to tender her resignation recently in the wake of the scandal.Tuesday, the NCAA issued a letter of inquiry to Michigan State, and Hollis publicly stated that they would cooperate with the investigation.In a statement Wednesday, Hollis offered the following (via Land of 10):“Since my first day on the job as athletic director, my focus has always been on the student-athlete. They are at the core of our athletic department mission statement. Our first priority has always been and will always be their health and safety. In regards to the letter we received from the NCAA last night, the athletic compliance and university general counsel offices are preparing a comprehensive response. Michigan State University will cooperate with any investigation.”The Nassar scandal is the second major story that has rocked the East Lansing campus in the past 24 months, as the football program underwent a sexual assault case involving a few players not long ago.Hollis was widely respected and considered one of the best athletic directors in the country by his peers, and many once thought he’d be a great successor to Jim Delany as the Big Ten commissioner.Stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest. Hollis’ voice cracking as he is delivering his statement. “Let me be clear, in retirement, I will fully cooperate” with investigations into MSU by NCAA and Michigan attorney general office.— Chris Solari (@chrissolari) January 26, 2018 Hollis says he and his wife Nancy may help process of MSU healing. Says he was not asked to retired, nor was pressured “in any way” to retire. “This is a choice Nancy and I made. And we’re gonna move forward with our lives and see what’s around the corner.”— Chris Solari (@chrissolari) January 26, 2018 Earlier today, following the the fallout from the Larry Nassar verdict earlier this week, a report surfaced that Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis was expected to resign from his post.The news was first reported by Chris Solari.Source: MSU athletic director Hollis to resign— Chris Solari (@chrissolari) January 26, 2018 Hollis says “you should not jump to any conclusions” based on his decision.— Chris Solari (@chrissolari) January 26, 2018 Hollis: “Based on the information I had at the time I had it, there’s nothing I had as far as making a decision (I would have done differently). When you have an opportunity to go back at look at anything, there are going to be opportunities for improvement.”— Graham Couch (@Graham_Couch) January 26, 2018last_img read more