Early May planting dates better for soybeans

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ohio soybeans planted from May 1 through mid-May resulted in better yields, according to a study by researchers from Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.In the study of 2013 and 2014 planting trials at OARDC’s Western Agricultural Research Station near South Charleston, Ohio, soybean yields decreased by 0.6 bushels per acre per day when planted after mid-May, according to Laura Lindsey, a soybean and small grains specialist with OSU Extension.Those yield results held true if the soil temperatures were 50 degrees or warmer, Lindsey said. However, soybeans planted too early when soil conditions were not adequate resulted in bean leaf beetle defoliation and frost damage.Canopy closure beneficial“There are some exceptions to a yield advantage when planting early, such as if the soils aren’t warm enough or if the fields are too wet,” she said. “In those cases, early planting can be detrimental to soybean yields. “The greatest benefit of planting May 1 to mid-May is canopy closure, which increases light interception, improves weed control by shading out weeds, and helps retain soil moisture.”In a recent posting in the college’s Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (C.O.R.N) newsletter, Lindsey said soybean growers need to consider planting conditions before heading to the field.“Soybean germination begins when soil temperatures reach 50 degrees and moisture is present at the planting depth of 1-1.5 inches,” she said. “With these conditions, emergence can typically be expected 2-3 weeks after planting.”Lindsey cautions growers not to plant early if the soil is excessively cold or wet.Timely planting critical“Slower germination and compaction can negate the benefits of the earlier planting date,” she said. “Timely planting is critical for maximizing yield in soybeans, but using good judgment on field conditions plays a role that is equally important to determining yield potential.”Seeding rates and row spacing are also important to consider to achieve optimum soybean yields, Lindsey said.Preliminary results of another two-year study of soybean seeding rates and row spacing show fields with between 100,000-140,000 plants per acre at harvest will result in yields that generally provide the maximum economic return, she said.“The study also found that soybeans planted at 7.5- and 15-inch row widths outyielded soybeans planted at 30-inch row widths,” Lindsey said. “Soybeans planted in the 30-inch rows yielded on average 15 to 20% lower than those planted in the narrower rows.”The study, which is funded by the Ohio Soybean Council, will also use data from this year’s growing season to compare to last year’s results, Lindsey said.last_img read more

Moving Closer to House 2.0: @SpeakerBoehner Leads the GOP’s E-transition

first_imgTags:#Government#web Today is the first day of the 112th Congress of the United States of America. One way that the incoming Republican majority will embrace innovation and transparency in the legislative process will be increased use of video and new media. As Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote at ReadWriteWeb, commenting on CNN’s report yesterday, Facebook will livestream the opening day of Congress.In a post on Speaker.gov, the incoming speaker invited people to visit the “Pledge to America” Facebook page to view the transition to a GOP-controlled House and comment on the feed. (The post was originally at GOPLeader.gov before Speaker.gov went live, which created a broken link from the speaker’s tweet. Even e-transitions are bumpy at times.)When reached for further comment, Nick Schaper, the director of new media for the incoming Speaker of the House, explained more about why they’re livestreaming the transition and using Facebook.“Keeping with one of the pillars of House Republicans’ Pledge to America, our goal is to make Congress more open and available to the American public,” said Schaper in an email. “With over 500 million active users, Facebook is an easy way to effectively reach a large audience for the stream, while also making those that might not know much about the Pledge more aware of the new majority’s goals and priorities. Also, Facebook gives viewers the unique ability to discuss this historic event with their friends and others.”Schaper explained that the Speaker’s staff is using the LiveStream.com plugin available on Facebook with the standard House of Representatives floor feed available on Capitol Hill to put the feed online. Notably, that also means that citizens and other interested parties don’t have to join Facebook, log in or “Like” the page to watch the transition. The feed at Livestream.com/SpeakerBoehneris available on the open Web and can be embedded on any blog orarticle – including this one.Watch live streaming video from SpeakerBoehner at livestream.comLivestream.com and Facebook won’t be the only options used by the new speaker’s office either, according to Schaper. When asked whether the speaker would use Current.tv or UStream or YouTube, Schaper said that “we’ve never limited ourselves or worked exclusively with any technology partners on efforts such as this. We’ve used all of the above and I look forward to finding more new tools that can help our members more efficiently connect with those they represent.”Moving closer to House 2.0The embrace of new technology won’t be limited to streaming live from within Facebook. Proposals will range from allowing iPads and smartphones onto the House floor to crowdsourcing budgeting proposals to posting bills online 72 hours before a vote. On this historic moment, the House of Representatives has proposed new rules that will bring one half of the legislative branch closer to the increased government transparency that organizations like the Sunlight Foundation have advocated for years. The transition also included a virtual passing of the gavel from Representative Nancy Pelosi to Boehner on Twitter, as Twitter’s own government liaison, Adam Sharp, noted on Twitter. Speaker.gov was updated to a new version last night, including a blog post that announced the new @SpeakerBoehner account and those of his staff. The post also introduced new accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, along with the Livestream.com account embedded above.The YouTube and Flickr accounts were empty last night but Don Seymour wrote at Speaker.gov that “video of Ellie Mae – the job-sniffing GOP bloodhound –Boehner’s family reunion, responses to questions from constituents, or one of the Speaker’s speeches or interviews” will be uploaded there in the future.In other words, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is now represented on more online platforms than ever. The White House still leads the federal government as a whole in covering the gamut, with presences on MySpace, Vimeo, iTunes, LinkedIn and even Digg now. (No word on how soon before the President, Speaker or other public officials will be available for question time on Quora.)As 2011 begins, new media adoption in Washington is no longer novel. As with any set of tools, success shouldn’t be measured by media reports or press releases but by the outcomes from their use. The hard work of bipartisan compromise in the House, to the extent it occurs, is unlikely to be publicly visible in 140 characters, though stranger things have happened. Measuring the success of adoption new technology will depend far more upon whether more use of social media, online video and platforms for legislation or citizen engagement lead to greater citizen engagement, accountability, transparency or data-driven policy. Whether that comes to pass will rely on more than putting a transition live online. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting alexander howard 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

The Hustler’s Playbook: The Unvarnished Truth About Hustling

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now Right now the word hustle is in vogue. A lot of people use the word, but it doesn’t mean what they think it means. It isn’t about the accolades or the bling. It isn’t about starting businesses with no real commitment to making a real go of it.Honestly, there isn’t anything glamorous about hustling. Hustling is about doing the work. Mostly hard work. And a lot of it, too.It’s about getting up early in the morning to take care of business. The non-hustlers are still safely tucked away in their beds, warm and comfortable, when the hustler has already finished a couple of hours of work.It’s about staying up late because you have deadlines, real deadlines, and the deadlines that you’ve imposed on yourself. The commitments aren’t glamorous. But the results are worth staying up to achieve.Hustling is about eating lunch at your desk. It’s about eating dinner at your desk a good bit of the time too. The idea of always having lunch with someone important to your business is a great idea, but when things are moving, you don’t have time. You do the work.No one wants to spend time away from their family. No one is proud of the fact that they missed time they could have spent with the people they are hustling for. Much of the time, that is what hustling requires of you.Hustling is about work product. It is about producing. It’s about results, outcomes that you can measure and point to. You know that the hustler is hustling because they leave a trail of results behind them. The non-hustler produces what they need to get by while the hustler produces enough to break through and break free.The truth about hustling, about producing, is that it isn’t sexy. I’ve been guilty of talking up the hustle here, and I stand behind the ideas I’ve shared. Those ideas are true.The nice house, the nice car, the financial freedom and all of that come only when you’ve done the unglamorous hard work required for long enough to produce those breakthrough results.The unvarnished truth about hustling is that it’s all about doing the work.last_img read more