Atlético climbs to second position in the UEFA ranking

first_imgFrom nothing to Cholista gloryEight of those ten years in which Atlético has won six titles in Europe (and has reached two Champions League finals, in 2014 in Lisbon, in 2016 in Milan) hThey have passed with Simeone, the coach who restored the luster to the team. There is a revealing fact in this regard that Mundo Deportivo, in its Atlético edition, described as follows: “To understand the brutal escalation of the mattress, it must be said that from 2004 to 2007, Atlético did not appear in the UEFA rankings, made up of more than 280 teams ” A list of which today is second, something that from this summer also matters in the UEFA draws (and that they place you in more favorable drums, the possibility of more affordable a priori draws) in addition to feeling in the economic. Something that gives muscle to an Atlético that when it has to compete, competes. Liverpool, the current European champion, knows that this season it will no longer be.UEFA ranking1. Real Madrid, 134,000 points (+17,000 in 2019-20)2. Athletic, 126,000 points (+21,000)3. Barça, 124,000 (+20,000)4. Bayern, 1230,000 (+23,000)5. Juventus, 115,000 (+20,000)6. Manchester City, 112,000 (+21,000)7. PSG, 105,000 (+23,000)8. Liverpool, 99,000 (+18,000)9. Manchester United, 92,000 (+14,000)10. Arsenal, 91,000 (10,000) They are the six European titles in the last decade. It is the last victory, to the current champion of Europe. All this is in the last update of the UEFA ranking, a few hours ago, and at Atlético’s position: it climbs to second position. Considered the second best team in the world, only behind Real Madrid. The whites with 134,000 points, the rojiblancos with 126,000, that is, two thousand more than the next in the list, the third, Barcelona, ​​which falls. Bayern Munich (also down) and Juventus complete the top five positions.Waiting for what happens in European football, with all the competitions stopped by the coronavirus crisis, and without many teams being able to play to score points. Atlético has risen to that second position after being the third team that has scored the most points so far this season, 21,000 points, only behind PSG and Bayern, both +23,000.last_img read more