The hype bubble has burst on Aaron Corp

first_imgThis weekend’s match up between No. 6 USC and No. 25 Notre Dame always has a lot of hype to it, and it should.The game is a battle between two schools with arguably the country’s most prestigious college football histories.Each program has racked up 11 national championships, and both have had incredible players in college and in the NFL.So, despite USC’s recent dominance over the Fighting Irish, the match up continues to have a lot of hype. It might be the greatest intersectional rivalry in college football based on past glory alone.But because the game is getting so much hype this week and because of other big stories – like the return of Ronald Johnson and the match up between USC’s great passing defense going against the best passer in college football – one story is getting pushed to the side.And that one revolves around Aaron Corp.In summer, the redshirt sophomore quarterback probably circled this game as one of the biggest of the season. It’s not every day a quarterback gets a chance to lead his team to a victory in South Bend, Ind.But a lot has changed in just two months.It’s been a 2009 season filled with highs and lows for Corp. And on Monday, perhaps, Corp may have hit rock bottom.Redshirt junior quarterback Mitch Mustain took all the snaps with the second-team offense during Monday’s practice, this following a Saturday scrimmage in which Mustain received ample playing time and converted 10 of 12 passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns.Corp, on the other hand, completed only two of three passes in the scrimmage. The coaches barely gave him any playing time.The message was clear: In a season of disappointments so far, Corp was demoted yet again – this time to third string.“[Mustain] is a little bit ahead right now,” Carroll said Monday. “Mitch has just done really well. He feels way more comfortable. He’s throwing the ball consistently.”So two months ago, Corp expected to head the offense against Notre Dame this Saturday. And as of last week, Corp expected to take the field if anything happened to true freshman quarterback Matt Barkley.But now, neither of those scenarios is the case.If anything happens on Saturday to Barkley, Mustain, not Corp, will be the one marching onto the field.It’s hard to imagine that just a short time ago, Corp was on top of the football world, ready to lead USC’s offense for the 2009 season.He was slated as USC’s starting quarterback after winning the job out of spring practice. The position seemed secure, especially because Carroll had never changed his mind before about his starting quarterback after spring.But an unfortunate incident occurred on Aug. 10. During practice, a lineman rolled onto Corp’s left knee. An MRI revealed Corp suffered a small crack on the head of his left fibula, and he would be out for three weeks.That’s all the time Barkley needed to take the starting job away from Corp.But, it wasn’t long until Corp had one more chance to shine. After Barkley suffered an injury to his throwing shoulder during USC’s victory over Ohio State, Corp was once again put on center stage.It appeared that he finally had an opportunity to start a game, or did he?Despite Barkley’s injury, Carroll refused to name a starter until minutes before game time against Washington. Corp, rattled or not by the indecision of his coach, played awful in the game, as USC lost 16-13.In his chance to show the world why he deserved to start, Corp failed. He completed only 13 of 22 passes against an inferior defense, threw an interception and continually threw into heavy coverage.Was the loss entirely his fault? No, but fans needed a scapegoat. Many couldn’t believe this was the same player Carroll had picked as his starting quarterback in the spring. And many couldn’t bear the thought of Corp starting another game.Barkley returned the following week, and Corp was pushed back into his backup role.And now, he is backup to the backup.“Mitch has just elevated his play,” Carroll said. “He’s in position to get in the game a little sooner than Aaron this next time out.”Throughout Corp’s descent, he has said all the right things, such as the game is about competition and that he’s willing to help the team any way he can.But going from first to third has to be tough to swallow for anyone.“Looking back, I was given a shot, and I didn’t perform,” Corp said.At this point, who knows when the next time Corp will be able to step back on the field. It certainly looks like Barkley has the position locked up for this season and beyond. And with Mustain now ahead of Corp on the depth chart, there’s little chance for Corp to see action even during garbage time.So although there is a lot of hype about the game this weekend between USC and Notre Dame, there isn’t much hype about Aaron Corp.It’s probably not how he envisioned his trip to South Bend this summer.“Soft Hands” runs every other Thursday. To comment on this article, visit or email Jon at read more

Fires put further strain on state’s water supplies

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.The Metropolitan Water District serves 18 million people in six counties throughout the Southland, but droughts, growth and climate change are placing a growing strain on the state’s water supply. Problems with the ailing Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the hub of the state’s water supply, are worsening. A low snowfall year in the Sierra left many reservoirs below normal. And now, water officials said, firefighters are pumping out hundreds of thousands of gallons a day. “Our first priority is lives. But we’ve got all kinds of implications that can emanate from this disastrous fire,” said Brad Hiltscher, the water district’s representative in Washington, D.C. Earlier this month, state lawmakers missed a deadline to strike a compromise on a $9 billion bond measure to fix the state’s water system. The governor and some lawmakers want to put the measure on the Feb. 5 primary ballot, arguing that problems with the state’s water supply are urgent. WASHINGTON – As wildfires continued to rage in parts of Southern California Wednesday, water officials warned that the blazes may threaten the state’s long-term supply. “We are rapidly draining our reservoirs,” Jeff Kightlinger, general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, told congressional aides and lobbyists at a Capitol Hill briefing. He and others said unequivocally that California has more than enough water to combat the fires, which have raged across the state for four days. But, Kightlinger noted, “The question is, how do we replace it? Everyone is out there with a hose trying to blanket everything with water. We are watching our reservoirs just plummeting right now.” Republicans and Democrats have sparred, however, on whether reservoirs or a mix of conservation and underground storage represent the best method of saving the supply. Kightlinger called the gridlock “unfortunate,” but said he remains hopeful that the legislature will resolve its differences. In the meantime, he and others urged Congress to continue funding desalination and other water-recycling projects. A spokesman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to comment Wednesday on concerns that the wildfires are affecting the state’s water reservoirs. “California’s short- and long-term water supply is critical, and a top priority for the governor,” Bill Maile said. “Right now he is focused on the aggressive response effort.” (202) 662-8731160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

How to Organize Your Financial Accounts

first_imgInsuranceAuto, health, disability and life insurance DebtMortgage, student loans, auto loans, home equity loans or lines of credit, personal loans, medical debt and more TaxesW2s, 1099s, and other tax-related forms You should know the following information for each account:Account numberUsernamePINTotal balanceBeneficiaryFor debt-related accounts, write down the interest rate, monthly payment, the total balance remaining, loan provider, loan term and any other relevant details. If you can’t remember where to find all your accounts, check your credit report. It will list all credit-related accounts, even those that are closed.Still feel like something’s missing? Check sites for unclaimed money that the federal or state government is holding in your name. These funds can come from a closed bank account, undeposited tax refund or a life insurance payout. Be sure to check both federal and state websites since it’s not clear where your money might be. I like to check these websites once a year just to make sure there’s nothing I’m forgetting.If you’re married or have kids, repeat these steps for your spouse and children.Don’t Forget Your InboxNow that everything is online, our inboxes have become a digital dumping ground for financial documents. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, you can organize financially relevant emails by adding labels or assigning them to specific folders.I’m self-employed, so I keep all records of business-related purchases so I can deduct them at tax time. I categorize all potential tax-deductible receipts in a “Taxes” label. When I’m updating my income and expenses spreadsheet, I refer back to the email label to see what I can deduct.If you prefer to use paper records, keep them in clearly marked folders divided by account or year. Use a fireproof safe that you can easily grab in case of emergency, but keep it hidden where a burglar won’t be able to find it quickly.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedHere’s Why a Rainy Day Fund Should Be in Your ForecastMarch 27, 2019In “Financial Planning”How to Create Your First Financial PlanMarch 7, 2019In “Financial Planning”How to Talk Money in a Relationship: Dos and Don’tsFebruary 14, 2019In “Money Etiquette” Health Savings Accounts or Flex Spending AccountsCredit cardsRetirement401ks, IRAs and brokerage accounts For most of us, getting organized is a pipe dream. The random creams, pastes, and oils in your bathroom cabinet will probably never be color coordinated or arranged alphabetically. Your sock drawer will probably be a nest of tangled and mismatched cloth until the day you die. Your DVD collection… well, at least now you can use Netflix instead.But whether you’re naturally tidy or a chaotic mess, there’s one area of your life that truly needs to be organized: your finances. You can get away with a messy garage or a cluttered basement, but working toward financial goals without a discernible structure is like trying to build a home without pouring a foundation.If your finances are as disorderly as the rest of your life, here’s an argument for making a change – and how to actually do it.Why You Should Organize Your AccountsThere are few things duller than making sure you know where your life insurance monthly statement is or how to access your 401k. But like exercise and a healthy diet, organizing your financial information is important even if it’s the last thing you want to do.It’s crucial to have a firm sense of where you actually stand financially. Do you have a positive net worth or do you have more debt than you realized? Are you adequately insured? Did you update your beneficiaries when you had kids or got divorced?Being aware of your financial health lets you plan for the future more accurately. You can’t adequately prepare for retirement if you don’t know the value of your assets or where they’re located because you won’t be able to set accurate and realistic goals. Knowing the total balance of your 401k and IRA can inform whether you’re on track or woefully behind.There’s also a motivational component to this. By starting from a firm foundation and keeping close track of where your finances are headed, you’ll be able to measure your progress towards the goals you care about.Think of it like a weightlifter. You might be able to get stronger by consistently lifting random weights, but you won’t be able to fully appreciate your success. By having an accurate sense of how much you lift every session, you’ll have an exact measurement of how much stronger you’re getting week to week.If you can’t muster up the willpower to do it for your own sake, consider your family. People pass away every year without disclosing relevant financial information to their loved ones, leaving them in the dark about everything from retirement savings to insurance information. By organizing your accounts and passwords in a secure location, you can make the grieving process easier for your spouse, children or any remaining family who might inherit your estate.Find and Maintain a SystemThere are multiple ways you can organize your financial accounts. You can use a pen-and-paper system, an Excel spreadsheet or an app like Mint. Apps sync to your financial accounts and keep them updated every time you log in. Some even send notifications if you’re running a low balance or if you were charged a late fee.The benefit of using a spreadsheet is that you can customize it to fit your specific needs. It won’t be able to pull information automatically, so this works better for someone who doesn’t mind tinkering for a few hours every month.A digital cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox is the best place to store your records since you can access it anywhere and they can’t be physically stolen or damaged. If you do keep records on the cloud, use a secure password and enable two-factor authentication, which means you’ll have to provide a unique code if the account is accessed.There’s no right or wrong way to track and manage your financial accounts. The key is to pick a system that’s easy for you to use on a regular basis.Keep a running list of every financial account you have, including:Bank accountsChecking and savings Post navigationlast_img read more