Giants stars come out for Bochy’s last game

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device.SAN FRANCISCO — Bruce Bochy joked on Saturday the Giants were playing their own version of a “Mystery Date,” game for his final week as the team’s manager.Bochy didn’t know which guests would surprise him and when, but anyone close to Bochy understood how much a visit from Tim Lincecum would mean.Lincecum, who hadn’t appeared at Oracle Park since he last pitched for the Giants, made a surprise cameo on Sunday during …last_img read more

Controversy is the Fuel of Science, So Teach the Controversy, Educator Says

first_imgThe Albuquerque Journal published a response from Rebecca Keller after admitting misrepresenting her position.  She did not claim that intelligent design science is looking toward transcendent beings, but rather is asking scientists to become willing to consider design inferences when the data point in that direction.  She clarified the intent of the new science standards that include “teach the controversy” provisions, and explained why evolution is controversial.It is understandable that people are concerned about the metaphysical implications; if there is design then there must be a designer.    But the basic trouble, and the underlying reason this controversy never ends, is that evolution is a creation story; it has huge metaphysical implications no matter how it is taught.  How is it less religious or less controversial to teach evolution as it is now, pretending that we somehow know that there is no design? (Emphasis added in all quotes.)The only way to deal with a controversial subject such as evolution is to encourage discussion about the issues.  She formulates some sample questions:If we are going to teach students about biological origins we need to help them understand all the issues behind origins science, including evolution.  Why is it controversial?  What worldview assumptions are behind it?  Do we really know that life was generated only by random processes of mutation and natural selection?  What evidence supports it, what evidence is against it?    Keller, a science textbook writer for Gravitas Publications of Albuquerque, has a PhD in chemistry of U of New Mexico.  She defended intelligent design as a scientific approach to judging evidence, but explained that both evolution and ID have philosophical or religious implications.  Since Darwinian evolution today is often presented without the possibility of criticism or dialog, she argues, it amounts to a secular religion, and the public recognizes it.  Science should welcome controversy:Not only should students learn that reasonable people disagree about the meaning and interpretation of data, they should learn that scientists disagree, too.  In fact, disagreeing about how data should be interpreted is what scientists do.  That is science.  The history of science illustrates that disagreements in science are the very thing that fuels scientific discovery.    Evolution as a secular creation story is already being preached from the classroom pulpit.  Teaching the controversy helps keep religion, of any flavor, out of the classroom.On that basis, Keller defends the Rio Rancho school district science policy.  She portrays the New Mexico case as representative of what is being proposed around the country.This is another example of a cogent, well-written letter.  Maybe people who agree with her should ask the ACLU to prohibit the Darwin-only dogma on the grounds of separation of church and state.    Keller makes a good case for the religious equivalence of the opposing views, but a subtext evident in the argument “religion, of any flavor” must be kept “out of the classroom” is that religion is inferior to science and incapable of contributing to debates about the merits of scientific claims.  Perhaps some good follow-up questions would explore the ability of evolutionary theory to make scientific truth claims about ultimate origins, and the ability of theology to prescribe the limits of science – or whether it is even possible for an investigator to be unbiased in such matters.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Will soybean aphids hit thresholds in 2018?

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Andy Michel, Kelley Tilmon, Ohio State University ExtensionWe have heard from a few Extension educators and scouts that soybean aphids are starting to make their appearance. Right now, the number of infested plants is very low (around 5%) and the number of aphids on the plants is also low (average 5-10). With this level of infestation, it is highly doubtful that soybean aphids will reach threshold, especially in soybean that has already entered the late R stages (R5 and R6).However, there is a fair amount of late planted soybean that could still be at risk—in fact we were in a field last week that just reached R2. We recommend that growers continue to scout their fields to make sure that soybean aphid populations remain under the treatment threshold which is 250 aphids per plant.last_img read more

5 dead, many injured in Muzaffarpur factory fire

first_imgAt least five persons were feared dead and over half a dozen were injured on Monday in a fire that broke out at a food processing factory in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. The fire broke out at the Tirhut food processing unit located in Wajitpur-Chaknurain village under the Bochaha police in the small hours of Monday. More than 30 workers were said to be sleeping on the second floor of the factory when the incident happened. “The exact number of causalities can only be ascertained after the debris is removed from the site… Those injured have been admitted to the Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital in Muzaffarpur,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar. The condition of some of the injured workers are said to be critical. “The toll could go up,” said Navin Kumar, a police officer. Recounting the incident, Biju Baitha, a factory worker who is admitted to SKMCH, said: “I woke up hearing a scream and found myself surrounded by fire. I didn’t know what was happening and jump-ed out of the window.”Senior district officials, including District Magistrate Mohd. Sohail and Mr. Kumar, are camping at the site to monitor the rescue operations.Witnesses said charred bodies of five people were recovered from the debris. The reason behind the fire is yet to be ascertained. The district administration has announced a compensation of ₹4 lakh to the family members of each of the deceased.last_img read more