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  • is the first title set. Just the door, because it is a practice stage so the master took them through, carefully explain Shi Bo, in website optimization, revising the title is taboo, if you must modify it, first of all to do with the invalid links, so it does not make early efforts have become in vain. The author also made a small station when the experiment, an on-line day was included because the master said, modify the title will lead to the site snapshot stagnation, so I would like to verify every few days to modify a title, website snapshot from the initial to the next update regularly now stalled, so the author will also determine the frequent modification of the title is really will let website snapshot have obvious effect of anti weight. In fact, many beginners in learning the website optimization, simply look at other people’s experience with the article that this is not good, the change is not good. I feel the need to fully grasp the Shanghai dragon optimization, the best way is to begin to practice, this demonstrated effect than the others say it is much more. If you don’t practice about revising the title really will lead to negative effect of website, but the other, so you can never grasp Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so that the first point is a hands-on learning website optimization.

    is the second interface structure clear. I started to enter the optimization of this occupation, I always feel that the company’s web interface is not very good-looking, but also with the master said, for this problem, the master replied, a good website not only has the feel good, offbeat, gorgeous interface on the line, the most unusual is by the use of pictures and FLASH as a web interface, but the two are not very good in the search engine crawling, and FLASH loading rate are the slowest, will also affect the user experience. Rather than novel interface to affect the user experience, as well as the selection and matching the interface of the website, as long as the natural clear line. I began to do not understand why this is, when I look at the websites of the master is successful, it was found, for example, Sina, NetEase Tianya and some other well-known websites, which website interface is the most unique, are some of the more old, not what fresh color of the interface, but.

    from November last year after graduation to enter a site construction company internship, a start because of the site by interest only choice for Shanghai dragon behoove optimize this occupation. At the beginning of the website optimization is just a vague concept, because reading a lot about web site optimization aspects of the article so that the optimization is actually send the chain, update the article, guarantee the stability of the space, when the deep understanding of the meaning of optimization, in fact before the view is wrong, just today it is also a full three months, write an article to share their learning experiences as a souvenir. For learning website optimization, which is not just outside the chain, optimization of knowledge today, the author mainly own point to learn to share.

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  • method is very effective, ranking up at once, for about a month, finally on the first page. I feel I can graduate, and then transferred to the official Shanghai dragon this industry. The first full-time website optimization, candidates to an acrylic processing company, the acrylic index was more than 400, the word is relatively high, at that time did not intend to put the word do up, think of some related words as the focus, such as acrylic products, acrylic and other crafts. According to practical experience before, to home to do, and then increase the number of original content industry, this time I only spent more than a month, the ranking of the site in Shanghai and Google came to the first page, I was both excited and was an accident. It also makes me feel my confidence expansion, ability should be able to get higher wages, so he switched to another large equipment company.

    This two

    is the first enterprise website is a small silk printing equipment company, which belongs to the equipment industry, the main keywords is printing machine. Because is a friend to help build a website, try the Shanghai dragon only, and is the first combat, lack of experience, so after spending more than a year before the final on the home page. It said it may be colleagues to laugh at me, but it is the fact that. The first is to look at how to do web site, see the love of Shanghai ranked in the top three websites, including the distribution of keywords, describes how to write the title of the method, etc.. And then adjusted according to their site conditions. Then there is the hair of the chain, see the peers of the chain where on where to send. After three months of effort, the ranking came up, but is always in the three or four page appearance, can send the chain place are made, it feels like there is no further improvement in strength. Anyway, no friends asked to do rankings, so slowly no enthusiasm, abandoned for a period of time. Until four or five months later, I found the good prospect of Shanghai dragon, decided to take it well, as my occupation. So I will continue to use the printing machine to do the experiment station. I was constantly looking for the website ranking skills, finally let me find some tips. One is placed at the bottom of the page of links, such as color printing machine, double color printing machine and so on all links to the inside pages, in order to increase the degree of correlation, another is to increase the external anchor text.

    this is the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the word index is not very high, but because the company is in the higher visibility of the industry, the company not only required ranking, will do website beautiful atmosphere, with enough Granville Technology brand. "

    and many Shanghai dragon like Er, I am self-taught. Wanted to start doing web design, web site and results in a group of friends came into contact with the network popularization, slowly turn to the website optimization. So, I was from the beginning for the enterprise website optimization and promotion, and made three of enterprise website. Here I put my experience to share, not to mention what the process wise remark of an experienced person, say, want to have a little bit of help to colleagues.

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  • says that the inside pages of large top posts in Shanghai love the first three pages, but those posts are gone, just love Shanghai still, but still have value, should be the snapshot is shown in the "2011 only eight exam answer +QQ", so there are still a lot of people stop posting in the station.

    first, the independent site is new sites, is about 3 months, the weight is not enough, a close examination, a lot of people in the post station, independent of that site is the inside pages extrusion down large, here I will share the post station, GG forum posts the most, followed by post PW.

    second, in 2011 only eight exam answer input sensitive word, there is love Shanghai’s intervention, but the first reason will more.

    questioner: only eight in 2011 or 2011 English exam answer only eight exam answer

    finally go to adopt the best answer, so love will show Shanghai in 2011 only eight exam answer +QQ. Thank graph king to provide such good treasure to share, the Hangzhou debt collection company 贵族宝贝hzht007贵族宝贝 webmaster write, please keep the.

    answer: QQ, then is not an related legal articles.

    in today’s society in the different fields of crazy money, right, also have no legal right, I will not mention, today is about unfair field is how to use love Shanghai to make money. The "2011 directly into only eight exam answer" case. In 2011 eight the English exam is coming, recently sold in 2011 only eight exam answers are all busy, can be said that now many people will use the search engine marketing, sell the answer too, so that people will find some answers to sell er for their keywords optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai home to fight for love on the ground. But now, this scheme fails, you may wish to search to see "love Shanghai, 2011 only eight exam answer", the first three pages of love Shanghai did not exist an independent site, before love Shanghai home or an independent site, but now why? There are 2 reasons:

    after that the situation, many people will find that these snapshots will be cleaned up, and now love Shanghai day update a few times, even the large post, is also essential in Shanghai love home changes, so many people watched the "love Shanghai know", after all is love Shanghai home products, this day know Shanghai has been in the second row, used in the third page. But recently love Shanghai know it’s hard to do this, not to mention the sensitive word, then look at those people how to do it:

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  • ! !

    year, Shanghai dragon WHY teacher Cardiff are discussed.

    of course, people under the age of 30, the peak, down! Is not terrible, because there are people afraid of capital, middle-aged or old, when it falls, then few people can climb up

    remember? Key words: Shanghai dragon


    later, devote themselves to learning, to enter the Internet! 09 years on the website, Shanghai dragon popular era, every day he to the Shanghai dragon boss call for experience, talk about the idea! Heaven pays off, in 2010, he shot to fame, and finally let the industry people remember him


    2006, a man, 80! Every day peacefulness, table delicacies from land and sea in a number of years ago, accompanied! This is the wolf rain life! Unfortunately, people are so, once at the age of 30 early success, will fall, each kind of wine are bad companions to come together, this is not he can control a person. Successful, will be proud, will forget your

    www.hz67贵族宝贝, is a small website, the night ranked! Now, the rain also.

    ~! !

    said that Chu orange Zhu Lao is 80 years old, can climb up! Dear friends, in addition to admire him, but don’t forget, he had created the Hongta mountain kingdom! Chuang’en million years with many disciples. With how many people get rich! Those people, when he fell, did not dare to help him, and so the wind has passed, do you think those people will miss


    that year, Shanghai Longfeng Research Center moon charges of training the most troublesome year! But his marketing team, I really admire, the executive power, is simply a myth! So far no one can go beyond the

    and ten thousand steps back, a peak of the people, there are people who want to hype him, take him to do the myth, is also a topic! People really do not lack of creativity, lack of thinking! Our daily life, our life is a stage, some people saw an opportunity, some people see the game addiction!

    wrote so much, or to talk about the fate of the rain, you should see the contents of the above, guessed the outcome is very painful fall. The mighty man, eventually there will be the end! 08 years later, he disappeared in the original rich life! The story is, I guess, you believe it or not!

    remember the 2010 in the webmaster circle, or a "station" Shanghai dragon world famous wolf rain

    ZAC was writing for him.

    in front of me writing many times, is not bad luck, but we must accumulate steadily, do not always want to get rich! When a person, there is not enough content, not attractive enough, not enough understanding, early success, will always make fast, go too fast and fall! It is difficult to climb up

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  • Pan Jun is not a man. At first, he is a part-time entrepreneur, at the same time, he served as technical manager in quality rice network, is the company’s core member of.

    speed transit network small West interview room fifty-sixth Xiao Xi’s words: question: what is the most happy thing? Answer: Pan Jun site is recognized is the most happy thing, so he can be "hard". The days of entrepreneurship are hard but free and fun. At present the company in the domestic kuyiso cool network information classification belongs to the top five websites. The future, the overall goal is to cool the pan easy to do the classification of the information industry 3 strong, he believe in luck, more convinced of the strength to hold on.


    believe that every one into the ranks of Wangzhuan friends, the first experience is usually PTC click on the station, such as the relatively well-known foreign NeoBux and then click on the station; the domestic survey stations, such as: the first survey and so on; and hook Wangzhuan, such as sardines; game Wangzhuan, such as: PC balls etc.. I believe this is every comrade must engage in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, the first step is the Enlightenment of the higher, are the most basic Wangzhuan project for new friends. These Wangzhuan have a common characteristic: super easy to make money, play super simple, one of the most difficult problem is the most easy, is to earn too little. I don’t know if my new friend knows what I mean. That is to say, these in Wangzhuan, very easy, as long as there is network infrastructure will operate, just to earn money is very tired. A penny, or even 0.1 cents, etc., foreign good, 1 cents at a time, the conversion of the RMB is about six points, less than seven cents. A lot of people most is entered Wangzhuan, because I heard a penny less and give up. I often meet the new one to ask my question is, how much they earn a day? Can guarantee that they earn 1000 yuan a month? I smiled and told them not to earn much, first you do not make money, only dozens of pieces of it, and then said that no, I do what Jin ~ this is the most new initial attitude Wangzhuan wangzhuan. In fact, people only see things too one-sided, not even done can earn thousands of pieces of basic Wangzhuan, these projects do not earn thousands of month. Today, talk to new friends about why others earn thousands of dollars a month, while many people don’t make money.

    05 years or so, when the classified information website on the Internet fire up gradually, the market and the lack of a can let users free release information platform, Pan Jun by virtue of their observation of the Internet for many years, think this is an opportunity not to be missed. The mature technology has become the basis of entrepreneurship, and easy to cool.

    in fact, the idea of entrepreneurship has long been rooted in the heart of Pan Jun: "from the day of contact with society, I have been thinking about entrepreneurship, have their own company.". Although at the beginning is very confused, but down-to-earth, step by step forward, easy and easy to say, the key depends on whether you have passion."

    Pan Jun easou


    doesn’t have a T-shirt + jeans technology, male standard, no big boss shelf. The company is in the cool CEO pan speed transit network Xiaobian short communication, but relaxed tone revealed a confident and proud moment. Feel free to play with your cell phone to make the interview more comfortable, like a conversation between friends.

    began to contact computers in 99 years, contacted the Internet in 2002, and later started his own business, and Pan Jun had an extraordinary passion for the internet. During his college years, he helped his classmates with web pages, studied art for 8 months after graduation, and worked on a small B2C website. Pan Jun admits: "the beginning is not particularly understand, download some of the source code, deal with the boss.". Later I felt that I could not understand the technology, so I learned how to program. After adding meter net work, gradually contact operation and management after starting slowly."

    entrepreneurship, the key depends on whether you have passion

    disturbed the status quo for the dream of "hard"

    here just to listen to the new veterans Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, please pass.

    , and many people in the eyes of decent work and generous treatment, and can not bring him satisfaction. Pan Jun said: "before the salary for ordinary working class is also good, but I needed to live a year behind up to save more than 10 yuan, for me personally, I am not very satisfied with this number. Personally, I prefer a free life."

    first of all, to have a correct understanding of these basic Wangzhuan project. Project based fly attitude is not very much, you are new, you don’t know Wangzhuan, so make less money for you is not important, the new study is the equivalent of Wangzhuan, internship, these are for the future learning based Wangzhuan Wangzhuan higher level basis, often with the new people say a word, that is no matter make less money, not even money, at least you have experienced. Do Wangzhuan have a gradual process, this to learn English with you, learn to learn vocabulary words, finally learn dialogue sentences. As long as the Wangzhuan hope, since want to do, it would have to adhere to, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, do not listen to others about your thoughts, not to their own personal practice. The most important point, make new friends to a dime to Wangzhuan when the money, do not think that a penny never make money, remember "Many a little make a mickle." truth, as long as the correct Wangzhuan attitude, I believe that soon you will be transformed from a dime into Yishiyibai, these are not difficult. Your new Wangzhuan experience and research at home, those who do good to do a lot of Wangzhuan station, is still the most basic Wangzhuan project, they do a month earn thousands of dollars, what reason not everyone is clear on the > one or two

    cool CEO

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  • 3, socialization and authority of the details of the


    update website content is a lot of details, the weight of high quality content can be given a higher, these details include graphics, and the place with the anchor link the anchor link, the >

    2, love Shanghai know details of the

    keyword ranking very much, including the weight of the website, the website authority, timeliness of the content of the page quality, rich in content, whether to click on a large amount of readers to stay for a long time, and social factors are related to the keywords ranking, so we should pay attention to the website optimization every detail.

    website title and description of the keywords ranking effect is relatively large, so we should grasp the website title and description details. For more on the site title, keyword weight is high, the better the keywords ranking, website title is not too long, if more than the love of Shanghai natural length website title display, the keywords ranking also influence. The best description includes web site keywords, for an article, if you don’t have the energy to write descriptions for each article, the author suggests that the page description is not written, let yourself, love Shanghai, add a description, you just write a good. Of course, there are many details that need attention.

    4, update the content details of

    We all know that

    we do website optimization. As we all know, but why do some sites keywords ranking is very good, but some are very poor, you may wonder why I updated daily original content, keyword ranking but not a long time not update the website ranking. This is the website optimization details are not well, truth we all know, everyone in the update and the chain, only the details better than the opponent, can win, have a good ranking.

    1, good site title, description of the details of

    in 2012 with the development of the Internet society, the social factors on the impact of the keyword ranking is more and more big, good interactive website, Shanghai will increase the weight of love. And we should pay more attention to the website, love Shanghai authoritative detail understanding, Zac and point why the ranking is so good, but also so stable, the key lies in the site’s authority, there is a certain authority in the industry, so we in the website optimization time, to establish a website to improve the authority consciousness. To keep the site’s authority, and the development of website, improve website, this website details directly determine the future development.

    The factors affecting

    according to the author’s experience, due to love Shanghai segmentation technology, some key words do not know love Shanghai, we search for a keyword, love Shanghai to return to the results included in the key place will be highlighted in red, if there is no such love, Shanghai do not know the keywords, encounter this kind of situation will need to adjust the keyword the location of such measures, let Shanghai know love your keywords.

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  • , a website weight?

    we do in Shanghai Longfeng, there has been a problem around us, and give us the webmaster to bring a lot of trouble, but this does not solve the problem it is difficult to do list, here you have to think what is the problem? Of course, I think we all know that the weight is the site of the now. There are many webmaster face in website optimization difficulties when the chain is not delete, it is not in the station will not be included, but the weight of the site can not go up, so do the Shanghai dragon, the weight of our first concern is the web site, and there are a lot of new friends do Shanghai dragon, may the concept of weight the site is fuzzy, so how do not pay attention to your weight, so many novice do Shanghai dragon ranking will always encounter a lot of problems, in fact, a Truth, if your site in the search engine with the weight, then no matter how search engines will be included in your article and station information, hope novice friends can start from now on weight, of course I will share with you some of my experience and methods to improve the weights of the website, can also help the proficient friends do do some weight methods, well below I first to introduce the concept of the weights of the website.

    heard some friends website weight do not know what it means, especially the novice friends never heard of your weight, so before we share Shanghai dragon ascension weight method, we will tell you what is Shanghai dragon weight, first of all you hear this word weight will think what is the information content website? The structure of the website or?? in fact, these are some methods to improve the weights of the website, but these methods are not enough, it website cooperation and search engines like, the first search engine server side will have a website reputation value, this value is the credibility evaluation of search engines will give each do a web site, half of the weight fraction of high high, low scores will prove your weight is low, but please do not misunderstand, I said the reputation Not to say that the value of the PR value of the site, the PR value is just the length of time to calculate the site, rather than on behalf of the website the weight, so we have to separate them, and I just said the reputation value, so you can imagine your website weights for search engines on the website of the trust, such as my zsgacctv贵族宝贝 although the station is a new station but the weight is good. The higher the degree of trust, more information will be included, if you believe that the low degree of collection is not high, so we should remember this point, we can imagine that if you are a new website, search engines don’t know your site is safe, is worthy of trust, so it will not immediately included in your this information will also be included, even if hidden, so generally takes 1-2 weeks for search engines to be familiar with your site, if your site is not a long time, and the search engine punishment to pull into the blacklist, so naturally the weight is high, included will be better, if your site has been the search engine blacklist.

    What is the

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  • 1. the front rank fixed to a few select site.

    / boiling network product director ho Tian

    5. Category attribute not fill, or no optimization.

    is a common problem:

    4. window recommend no double optimization according to the variety of weight + time weight.

    in summary, we analyze the love Shanghai can have two aspects to deal with the Shanghai dragon on the customer experience:

    through a variety of channels, we investigated a large number of sellers, and a "shop search optimization" examination tools, collect sellers shop problems. (see Figure 1)

    careful observation of Taobao search "exposure" dimension, we found that, in accordance with the rules of Taobao, and Taobao search interests under the same premise, there is a huge "technical" space optimization.

    2. will be changed to the exposure rate of the fixed position as the center of the ranking.

    Sales of the When social marketing research

    when we began in-depth study of Taobao search, was surprised to find that, Taobao search on "exposure rate changes as the center of the ranking" development was most incisive.

    Taobao search weakened the simple "rank" concept, strengthen the multi-dimensional exposure". The total exposure of the baby, affected by the title keyword search volume and long tail combination coverage, product attributes, store and its baby weight, time weight, customer search conditions, the official entrance shunt and many other dimensions.


    system is more complex, more precise optimization of the soil. Carefully observe the Taobao search "exposure" dimension, we found that, in accordance with the rules of Taobao, and Taobao search interests under the same premise, there is a huge "technical" space optimization.

    3. time frame does not distinguish the key species, on time, and the average treatment efficiency.


    2. weight similar shelf time similar varieties, keywords repeated internal friction.

    a few years ago, we had a call "60" women’s recommended community, and it is optimized to search for "love Shanghai taobao贵族宝贝", "Taobao" the first page (before, wheat bags do this when the competition is not fierce).

    survey collected medical data and feedback so we are very surprised: the seller search optimization are bad health.


    1. Title Optimization of lack of effect of tracking, resigned.


    the seller optimal state generally bad

    sellers vigorously >

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  • for Shanghai dragon data, we often focus on the web page included, the chain included love, Shanghai Google ranking, Alex ranking, website traffic analysis based on several aspects, these analysis data for Shanghai Longfeng effect with the help of not too much, but as the basis of the data, they can also be deep for us about the content of the site quality analysis, analysis of the quality of the chain analysis, keyword ranking effect and progress analysis of site traffic conversion value analysis and other aspects of the data, we help the latter to develop more efficient strategy of Shanghai dragon. Today to tell you about their virtual son rain for a more important aspect of Shanghai dragon data: keyword ranking analysis.

    ranking analysis involved in addition to the most basic every day we observed keyword rankings, also ranked the number of key words, keywords ranking get progress, many aspects and keywords ranking into effect, the following specific talk about several aspects of this idea.

    Hello, I am virtual son rain. The marketing method of Shanghai Longfeng as a very basic, but also can be used to various means of marketing, one of the most important work is the Shanghai dragon data analysis, because only the regular analysis of the effect of Shanghai dragon promotion, find out the cause of poor effect, summarize the experience to achieve the best effect, we in order to grasp the overall site of Shanghai Longfeng flow sources and value to the targeted adjustment strategy for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon website optimization guide to do our better and faster.

    The number of

    2, keywords ranking



    keyword rankingsThe

    keyword rankings is one aspect of our daily concern, because the main keywords generally we selected, the degree of competition is relatively large, if the transformation from the point of view, although the transformation of these words is not high, but if the ranking, plus a large number of search, certainly the amount of transformation is still considerable, we need to pay attention to keywords ranking, then according to the keywords ranking statistics keyword conversion rate. For example, a period of time our website ranking in third, for a period of time within the first visit IP and customer consultation volume of the two stages of our gap, and then do a comparative analysis, if the first place in our conversion rate is significantly higher than the third, it is necessary for the the word heart to do the first.

    a lot of people see keywords ranking, see the most is the main keywords ranking, and some friends may also be concerned about the weight ranking for the keywords we love Shanghai statistics, but the number of true when it comes to statistics of these words, few people do believe. If we look at the key words love Shanghai ranking statistics, especially keyword statistics last month, we will find that in fact there are still a lot of your web site keywords ranking will be good, if you have to do a lot of long tail keywords >

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  • in the General Assembly held in Boston search engine strategies (SES) algorithm upgrade officially named, upgrade was also the baby the first name of the algorithm. At first the nobility baby major upgrade on a monthly basis, so the beginning of several upgrades are integrated algorithm changes and included refresh (noble baby Dance). With the upgrade of more and more frequent, the monthly update plan soon die.


    noble baby

    noble baby released its browser toolbar, the toolbar is a small green (PR value), days after so many webmaster is crazy, and even the formation of a sale of the industrial chain. Every three months the baby "," noble Dance owners are most concerned about is this little green no longer.


    Shanghai dragon Moz

    for some of the basic quality of the outer chain released, such as obtained from the same number of links a domain name, its value is reduced. In addition to the hidden text and links Cassandra were also targeted treatment.

    December 2000 –

    reports: noble – Update "Cassandra" is baby here

    April 2003 – Cassandra

    as a search engine marketing personnel, understand the algorithm changes contribute to the analysis of website ranking and traffic situation changes, we list below the upgrading of several influential algorithm, familiar with these algorithms the change will contribute to your work in Shanghai dragon.


    recently released a new feature, the algorithm changes the nobility baby. From 2000 to 2011 every upgrade in detail are as follows:

    A noble baby upgrade

    official news: aristocratic nobility baby baby Launches The noble baby Toolbar


    May 2003 – Dominic

    03 years May aristocratic baby for a number of upgrades to upgrade changes, Dominic specific parameters which are not clear. Noble baby "vertical" and "horizontal" spider "Freshbot" and "Dee>


    algorithm to change the nobility baby every year up to 500-600 times, but many changes are very small. But every few months, noble baby do a comparison of the algorithm upgrade, these upgrades will directly affect the ranking of search results.

    February 2003 – Boston

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