By FFWPU Czech Republic On Sunday afternoon Nove

first_imgBy FFWPU Czech Republic: On Sunday afternoon, November 15th 2015, Moon Yeon Ah Nim came to the Prague HQ building of the Czech FFWPU, to speak to our members.First Shin Yuh Moon, the third child of Hyo Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, sang Country Roads for the audience, which sang along.Yeon Ah Nim brought the love of True Parents to the members of the Czech Republic. She emphasized, how True Mother is thinking about our blessed families in Europe. “True Mother worries about the blessed families and the future. That’s why she cannot sleep.” “She cares about each member. She remembers the names of people, even thought she met them just once.Yeon Ah Nim spoke about how she determines to build on her husband’s work. “I am looking for people, who can continue his work! Hyo Jin Nim had so much passion for God and True Parents. He wanted to inspire young people through his music and multi-media projects. He worked for 10 years so hard in the studios of Belvedere.”Yeon Ah Nim emphasized that True Mother is concerned about the nation. Satan killed all Abel-figures before they could complete their mission. Until God finds a nation, Satan will kill the Abel-group people. This nation is for us! And it is time now for us as the children, to fulfill our 5 % of responsibility.Yeon Ah Nim spoke for 2 hours. The Czech Brothers and Sisters listened attentively.She heartistically related with our Brothers and Sisters, and made photos with 2ndGen and with each family.last_img

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