The RitzCarlton Spa Westchester the countys la

first_imgThe Ritz-Carlton Spa, Westchester, the county’s largest spa in the premier hotel in downtown White Plains, is now offering a treatment that will energize the mind and prepare the body for the upcoming summer season. This treatment, Liquid Gold, is one of four seasonal treatments available at the Spa, and it is sure to leave guests invigorated and revitalized as we head into summer.Liquid Gold begins with a 10-minute sugar scrub made with all-natural, organic elements, including several essential oils with different purposes. The scrub contains aloe, with healing properties that will cure many cuts and bruises. Lemon oil is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Chamomile oil is calming and soothes stomach and menstrual pain, as well as redness. Rosemary encourages circulation and energy in warm bodies that may have been inactive in the winter. Amber oil is another calming agent, and jojoba oil provides hydration and natural vitamin E. A therapist blends these ingredients and works the scrub over the body, shedding off winter’s tough skin and helping guests relax.After washing in a rainfall shower, guests enjoy a 40-minute massage with a jojoba butter lotion. In addition to some of the essential oils used in the scrub, this butter includes witch hazel, used for toning; green tea, whose antioxidants provide radiance and glow to skin; lavender, which calms redness in skin, and vitamins E and B.At the end of the massage, guests are wrapped up in a cocoon of heated blankets to relax and let their pores absorb the jojoba butter. A short, face massage with unscented body butter follows, leading up to a highlight of Liquid Gold, with the hair treatment.A therapist will massage a combination of oils into the head and scalp for 20 minutes. They include moisturizing jojoba oil; hydrating kikui nut oil; cleansing grapefruit oil; ylang ylang, which encourages circulation; and vetiver, a relaxing oil often used to treat depression and anxiety. The scalp massage cleanses and hydrates the head and scalp, and reinvigorates the mind. When it is over, a therapist will wrap the head in a hot towel so that guests can relax and let the oils work for up to an hour. Guests then wash the oils out of their hair.www.ritzcarlton.comlast_img

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