Renting PS3 games on PlayStation Now may cost 599

first_imgIf you are the owner of a PS4, chances are you held on to your PS3 knowing that backwards compatibility wasn’t part of the deal with Sony’s new console. But Sony is set to cater for those without access to a PS3 through the forthcoming PlayStation Now game streaming service.What we don’t know yet is how much PlayStation Now is going to cost, but some prices have been seen ahead of an official announcement.On the official Gaikai website there is a section called History, It gives a complete timeline of the Gaikai service before and after it was acquired by Sony. The last entry is for January 2014, and surprisingly it includes pricing for three different games.This may just be a mock-up image, but the screen suggests that streaming/renting Uncharted 3 is going to cost $4.99. The same time-limited access to Far Cry 3 will cost $5.99. You’ll also be able to purchase games outright through the service, with The Last of Us listed with a $49.99 price tag. In return your PSN account will get unlimited access to the game I’d imagine.I doubt anyone would consider paying $50 to “own” a game that can only be played through streaming it to your console. But $6 rentals? That’s going to be tempting to some gamers depending on how long the rental period lasts.I’d suggest Sony needs to half that pricing for ownership if it expects PlayStation Now to succeed. But then the price may have to be that high in order to cover the cost of running the service in the first place.last_img

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