From Dalglish to Totti: The footballers known as ‘King’ to their adoring fans

first_img 9 2. Kenny Dalglish aka ‘King Kenny’ – Dalglish scored 172 goals for the club in 515 games, won six league titles and three European Cups and served as manager. In 2017, Liverpool announced their Centenary Stand would be renamed after ‘King Kenny’. 9 6. Henrik Larsson aka ‘The King of Kings’ – Larsson scored 242 goals for Celtic and is remembered by fans in the song ‘King of Kings’. 9 9 8. Pele aka ‘Rei’ – Pele is known as one of the greatest footballers the game has ever produced and so the nickname for a man who won three World Cups and scored 77 goals in 92 games for Brazil seems appropriate. 9 9. Andy King aka Andy King – Who else has won the League One, Championship and Premier League titles? 9 Who is the best ‘King’? No, is not channelling Alan Partridge, but asking a serious footy question.From the ‘King of Rome’ to the ‘King of Kings’ up in Glasgow, have a look at some of the players known as ‘king’ to their adoring followers.Some very funny jokes about Francesco Totti 7. Peter Osgood aka ‘The King of Stamford Bridge’ – Osgood spent 10 years at Chelsea and was loved during his 380 games where he scored 150 goals. He scored in the victorious 1970 FA Cup final win as well as the European Cup Winners Cup final against Real Madrid the following year. A statue of Osgood stands outside Stamford Bridge. 9 9 1. Francesco Totti aka ‘The King of Rome’ – Roma captain Totti has been playing for the club he supported as a boy since 1993. Now 40, he has finally called it a day and retired from playing. He is one of football’s greatest players. 4. Alan Gilzean and Glenn Hoddle aka ‘The Kings of White Hart Lane’ – Gilzean arrived at Tottenham in 1964 and became a crowd favourite. Alfie Conn briefly held the title ‘King of White Hart Lane’ until Glenn Hoddle emerged on the scene. Born is the King of White Hart Lane… 3. Eric Cantona aka ‘King Eric’ – Cantona’s arrival at Old Trafford coincided with Man United’s rise in the 1990s. The talented forward became a hero to fans and, 20 years after his surprise decision to retire at the age of 30, is still adored. 5. Kevin Keegan aka ‘King Kev’ – He had a magnificent career at Liverpool, Hamburg, Southampton and Newcastle, where he was adored for winning promotion to the First Division as a player and then the Premier League as a manager. 9last_img

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