Frye: Share the road this harvest season

first_imgGreensburg, In. — The beginning of autumn means harvest time in Indiana and more than 57,000 Hoosier farmers are hitting the roads to bring in their crops out of the fields. It’s important to remember to share the roadways with our local farmers and watch for slow-moving farm equipment. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, farm equipment vehicles were involved in 92 fatal crashes across the U.S. last year, six of which were in Indiana. With approximately 64 percent of the state’s total land area being farmland, there are a lot of crops that must be harvested, and it is imperative to stay alert and aware of your surroundings during this time of year to help prevent wrecks and keep everyone safe.The Indiana State Department of Agriculture urges Hoosiers to “be alert, slow down and share the road.” Avoid following farm equipment too closely, in case of sudden stops on the road. Give yourself ample time to get to your destinations, and consider alternative routes in case you need to take them to avoid slow-moving farm machinery. Any vehicle that travels at a rate of 25 mph or less should have the nationally designated slow-moving vehicle sign. This sign is an orange triangle with a red reflective border, and serves as a warning to oncoming drivers.As a reminder, avoid using your cell phone behind the wheel where distractions can cause injuries to both you and other drivers.Use caution and patience when passing wide farm equipment that takes up most of the roadway. Due to the large size, farm equipment makes wide left turns. Be sure to watch for the driver’s turn signals and do not assume that the farmer can see you. Do not attempt to pass a vehicle if you are in a “No Pass Zone,” at an intersection, railroad crossing, bridge or tunnel. They will try to pull over to the side of the road to allow you to pass once it’s safe to do so.For more tips on how to stay safe on the roads this harvest season look online here. Your safety and the safety of others is important. When you are on the road this fall, please use caution when going from destination to destination.last_img

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