Ten world-famous bloggers and influencers are coming to Slavonia to be followed by more than a million fans a day

first_imgRELATED NEWS: 1. Ellie Dyduch from Poland (www.elliedyduch.com) – born in Poland but living in London (UK). Her site generates more than 200.000 impressions on a weekly basis alone. She is also very popular on Instagram (@dy_ellie) and is also actively involved in photography. She rarely stays in one place since traveling and discovering new destinations and cultures are her passion.  2. Ida Josefin Eriksson from Sweden (www.adarasblogazine.com) – her blog has been active since 2011 and has more than 45.000 visitors, and is also widely followed on social networks. The blog is primarily dedicated to the travel and lifestyle segment, and is run by her husband Simon Eriksson. Escape from the usual things is in their focus when realizing travel and processing fashion topics, but also when writing articles in which they want to bring unreal experiences and experiences closer to their readers. 3. Wojciech Tyluś from Poland (www.crolove.pl) – together with his wife he edits a blog completely dedicated to Croatia and makes more than 150.000 visits on a weekly basis. This is the best Polish blog dedicated to Croatia, which is confirmed by winning the Golden Pen Grand Prix in 2015. Apart from the blog, they also have a large number of fans on social networks who want to present the best of Croatia at any time, which they consider their second home, and perhaps their future permanent address.  4. Ewa Chojnowska from Poland (www.szpilkiwplecaku.pl) – a blogger who is in love with travel, fashion, and also works as a tour guide. Her blog is very readable and is characterized by attractive photos that guarantee extra great visibility.5. Jessica Henze from Germany (Instagram profile of Mavieestbelle_jessi) – Jessica is a famous German influencer. Her posts garner more than 250.000 views and views on a weekly basis, and she is followed by more than 127.000 fans on Instagram. 6. Fanny Csajkowski from Germany (www.lesberlinettes.com) – a blogger who is a top connoisseur and lover of eno-gastronomy, and also deals with topics from the domain of nature, beaches and travel in general. Her social media profiles and blog posts receive more than half a million visits.7. Pim Nicolaas Cornelis Bouman from Belgium / Netherlands (www.blvd.nl & www.misterdaily.nl) – is the author of two very popular and widely read blogs in the markets of Belgium and the Netherlands, which together receive a visit on a weekly basis that exceeds the number of 140.000 visitors.8. Yuya Matsuo from Japan (www.yuyamatsuo.com) – an active world traveler, who has stayed in Croatia several times, to which he gladly returns because he believes that this is a destination where he always discovers something new. Yuya has a large number of followers on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and also deals with quality photography.  The Croatian National Tourist Board has created a special promotional project “Visit Slavonia, Share Slavonia“, Which will be carried out on social networks under the hashtag #VisitSlavonia i #ShareSlavonia. It is a promotion focused on blogs and social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so Slavonia, its tourist sites, customs and delicacies will be experienced from July 6 to 10 by world-famous bloggers and influencers from key broadcasting markets. “We want to bring the Croatian continental offer closer to the world, especially Slavonia, which has great potential for the development of year-round tourism. In the heart of the tourist year, we bring world-famous bloggers, vloggers and influencers from all over the world to show that in this part of Croatia there is very interesting content for an unforgettable holiday full of experiences. “, said director Staničić, adding that the promotional value of this project is extremely high because it is estimated that the announcements from Slavonia will be followed by more than a million fans a day. Slavonian tourist boards and the Zagreb Tourist Board are participating in the implementation of the project, where influencers have started their stay in Croatia.The program features some of the most popular bloggers and influencers in the markets of Germany, Poland, the UK, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands, while one of the bloggers even comes from faraway Japan. He is also a blogger Wojciech Tylus from Poland, who together with his wife edits the CroLove blog. It is a blog that is completely dedicated to Croatia and which receives more than 150.000 visits on a weekly basis. The authors of the blog also have a large number of fans on social networks where they promote the best of Croatia, which they consider their second home, and perhaps a future permanent address.Iz Germany has arrived famous and very popular on social networks Jessica Henze whose posts garner more than 250.000 views on a weekly basis, and are followed by almost 140.000 fans on Instagram. Additional promotion of Croatia and Slavonia in the distance Japan the blogger will contribute Yuya Matsuo, who has already stayed in Croatia several times and to which he gladly returns because he believes that this is a destination where he always discovers something new. Yuya has a large number of followers on the social networks Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and she is also involved in photography.The travel program begins today at Zagreb where bloggers, accompanied by a guide, will get acquainted with the history and sights of the Croatian capital, and during the day they will visit other attractions such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, Zrinjevac and Maksimir Parks and the Summer on the Strauss event. The four-day stay in Slavonia starts tomorrow at Osijek where the program includes sightseeing of the city with a walk on the pedestrian bridge, also known as the Bridge of Youth, a visit to the Fortress, tasting top wines, but also beer from the first Croatian brewery. The program of the second day of stay in Slavonia includes a visit and a tour Search, and one of the activities includes the magical Kopački rit where they will experience canoeing and thus have unique opportunities to photograph the rich flora and fauna. The focus will also be on the presentation of rich eno-gastronomy, so the program includes a visit to the Josić winery, agritourism Ivica and Marica and Baranja House, and the activities include golf in Popovac. The third day includes a visit Đakovo i Vinkovci where they will visit the city museums, and experience other localities and beauties through cycling, but also by boat on the rivers Bosut and Spačva. The last day is reserved for Cardiff where the program, among other things, includes a tour of Vukovar-Vučedol-Ilok, European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN), but also a visit to the Museum of Vučedol Culture, wine tasting and a ride on the Danube.       The CNTB points out that the entire program was created on the basis of 218 experiences from the EpicWeek campaign, as part of which Croatia was presented on social media as a destination where everyone can find something for themselves. Also, the travel and stay of bloggers in Slavonia will be broadcast live on CNTB social networks, and the additional promotional significance of the project lies in the fact that all bloggers, in addition to travel topics, specialize in other topics such as eno-gastronomy, culture or fashion. It is estimated that more than a million fans will see blog posts from Slavonia on a daily basis.  Participating bloggerslast_img

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