During the 13th Five Year how to deal with the problem of entrepreneurship

double start has been more than a year, starting in the "13th Five-Year" stage, our young entrepreneurs with a rare opportunity. How to look forward to the future of entrepreneurship in the new situation, is China’s young entrepreneurs need to think and solve problems.

2014 in September, Li Keqiang in the summer of Davos public forum issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, Chinese officially ushered in the "double" era. For more than a year, the "double" work to fruition in the country, many young entrepreneurs in Chinese fourth venture tide set sail, A fighting spirit soars aloft. Perfect business support mechanism, improve the "double quality" has become an important basis and guarantee to promote the economic transformation of the key. read more

Novice will learn wholesale purchase money to know

to do business is to purchase, just for many business people, find the right source is not what the simple things, supply has been the clothing store business concern, because of the good supply, will have the opportunity to make money. So, how to open a clothing store? What purchase coup it? Here is the novice will learn the wholesale money saving tips, look at it with interest!

a, from the source (origin or factory) direct purchase of

(1) from the source of stock, reduce turnover links, the minimum purchase price, can puerile, in order to win in the competition. read more

Women’s film and television art forced to stop the train was Tucao users

in some public places, we should abide by the social order, the girl next to say, it is very reckless, even for taking pictures of the good-looking, under the watchful eyes of the people forced to stop the train.

2015 reported on September 4th, Nanjing, Jiangning love tunnel, a train came, a girl does not hide not flash, keep track of the central camera. The driver saw the girl stop the train. Subsequently, the train started, but the girl went on the track to take pictures, the train was forced to stop again. read more

Advice for beauty salons

beauty salon belongs to the service industry, so beauty salons in order to continue to be prosperous business, it is necessary to provide customers with good service. Beauty salon staff if you can love and dedication, beauty salons do not worry about no good business. So, how to cultivate the sense of responsibility of the beauty salon boss, cultivate the spirit of love and dedication? Let’s talk about the problem.

first beauty Dean must establish "the people above all else values.

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Hunan normal university students went to Tianjin rural youth entrepreneurship research

is now in the rural areas of entrepreneurship has attracted the attention of the whole society, at the same time every year, all kinds of social training activities are also carried out in the vast rural areas, such an activity is to encourage the rural youth entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

7 27, municipal Party Committee United Hunan Normal University School of Tourism Development Practice Group Tianjin rural youth entrepreneurship research and student reporters observation activities, interviews with outstanding young entrepreneurs, Ouyang Xi Guo Zejun, Yang An team practice group instructor guidance, practice group all members to actively participate in in-depth understanding of rural youth entrepreneurship status. read more

How entrepreneurial projects are not acquired

with the continuous development of the present era, many people are hesitant attitude right now because a lot of entrepreneurial projects, business projects for the beginning with the development of good, but over time will have to face the issue of acquisition, how can not be acquired?

An answer to

For example, many projects in the read more

Small business can make a lot of money

business is big is small, but is not to say that the only big business to earn money, some people with little money can earn a lot of money, small businesses can also earn a lot of money, why do you say so, small businesses are generally low cost but return to the fast, today to speak is a big family I do is a small business is to earn a lot of money in the story.

1997 years, was the city of Shandong, Linyi labor model Zhu was laid off. 1999, Zhu was taken to relatives in Shandong, Pingyi, passing by a piece of Hawthorn forest, see a farmer in the chopped hawthorn, a large number of previous years, Pingyi hawthorn trees, resulting in Hawthorn surplus. Because of a loss, farmers had to replant other crop trees are cut down. Zhu Chengxiang, this was a good raw material of hawthorn Tomatoes on sticks ah, to five cents a kilogram price to buy 9000 kilograms of hawthorn. read more