Al-Jazeera cameraman killed in ambush near rebel stronghold of Benghazi

first_img News LibyaMiddle East – North Africa News to go further December 17, 2019 Find out more Help by sharing this information Reporters Without Borders is outraged by yesterday’s murder of Ali Hassan Al Jaber, a cameraman working for the Qatar-based satellite TV station Al-Jazeera, who was ambushed and shot on the outskirts of the eastern city of Benghazi. The organization voices its entire sympathy with his family and friends.Al-Jazeera said Al Jaber was returning to Benghazi after reporting in a nearby town when unidentified gunmen opened fire on his car, killing him and another passenger.“Even if those responsible have not yet been identified, this appalling act is clearly not a random event,” Reporters Without Borders said. “It has come at time of increasing violence against journalists by officials loyal to Muammar Gaddafi, who are launching a major counter-offensive against the insurgents. The regime does not hesitate to use brutal methods to prevent them from working freely and reporting what is really happening, so that they do not contradict the image it wants to present to the world (,3975…).The press freedom organization added: “Gaddafi’s expressions of hate for journalists are entirely and directly responsible for yesterday’s attack. Al Jaber’s death is a reminder of the dangers journalists run in order to cover armed conflicts. We express our full support for Al-Jazeera, which condemned his murder as a ‘cowardly crime’ and said it would use all legal methods to prosecute those responsible.”The abuses against the press in recent days include the detention of Brazilian reporter Andrei Netto of the O Estado de São Paulo newspaper, who was held for six days, from 6 to 11 March, in Sabratha, 60 km east of Tripoli. There is still no word of Ghaith Abdul-Ahad of the London-based Guardian newspaper. He and Netto had both been covering fighting between pro-Gaddafi forces and rebels and were arrested together. Three BBC journalists were subjected to violence and to humiliating treatment by pro-government forces while detained on 7 and 8 March.Al Jaber is the third journalist to be killed in the course of covering the wave of protests that has been rocking the Arab world since last December. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud of the newspaper Al-Ta’awun died on 4 February of the gunshot wound he had received a week earlier when fired on near Tahrir Square in Cairo, the site of the demonstrations that toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Photographer Lucas Mebrouk was killed in Tunis, Tunisia, during a demonstration last January. Receive email alerts News June 24, 2020 Find out more RSF_en center_img Six imprisoned journalists to finally appear in court in Istanbul March 13, 2011 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Al-Jazeera cameraman killed in ambush near rebel stronghold of Benghazi Organisation Follow the news on Libya News February 23, 2021 Find out more LibyaMiddle East – North Africa Well-known Libyan journalist missing since his arrest On Libyan revolution’s 10th anniversary, authorities urged to guarantee press freedomlast_img read more

Health & Wellbeing for your Business

first_img Previous articleLimerick lessons from the pitch and boardroom on Women’s dayNext articleThe bedroom farce of Bookworms Jennifer Allen WhatsApp Email Facebook Linkedin Twittercenter_img NewsHealth & Wellbeing for your BusinessBy Jennifer Allen – March 1, 2017 952 Advertisement Print WELLBEING IS a term which we hear a lot these days. But how do you define it? Is it just a lack of illness, lack of pain, lack of headaches? Maybe, if you have suffered a lifetime of chronic ill-health, such a definition is more than enough for you. Being free of poor health is certainly a welcome relief. However, we can aim for so much more than that.Wellbeing relates to all aspects of our health, from emotional and mental health, to our nutritional status and activity levels. By building on one, you automatically enhance the other. For example, someone may be advised to take up walking to lose some weight or help their heart condition. But a pleasant side-effect may be that they are sleeping better as a result, or thinking more clearly. Or their moods feel more stable. Likewise, someone may make some changes to their diet as a step towards better health, without having clearly-defined goals. But, a short while into making those simple changes, such as eating more vegetables, staying hydrated, having more oily fish, they may notice their stiff joints starts to improve. That nagging ache in their tummy begins to calm down as they decide to ditch gluten, and so on.If we can relate the change we are trying to make to an improved quality of life, the logic of prioritising that change becomes a lot clearer. Many of us then, have never truly had first-hand experience of optimum wellbeing. Think of the types of things which might stop us getting there:Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Weight issuesLow energyAn auto-immune condition like arthritis or lupusChronic migrainesPoor sleep qualityChronic low-grade anxietyTime pressureLack of informatioon about food choicesHow many of these aspects can you identify with? Combine a couple of these factors, which is the case for most people and it really compouns the problem. Sorting out those health issues is always in the back of your mind. Then, by the time you have done everything you need to do during your day, the last thing you want to think about when you get home from work is preparing a meal from scratch or going for a run.Well, it might be easier to make some changes if your workplace became part of that change. Workplace Wellbeing Day falls on the 31st March this year, so there is still plenty time for employers and staff, to get their thinking caps on and see what steps would be most beneficial in their workplace. Does it relate to being more physically active? Should it revolve around stress management? Does the food culture in your workplace need an overhaul? By looking at the area which seems to be the top priority in your company, you can act accordingly. Have someone talk to staff about managing their time and stress. Perhaps bring in a Pilates instructor to give a demo class to staff, which could lead to regular classes, as a result. Encourage people to leave their desks to eat lunch. Is smoking still prevalent in your workplace? What steps can you take to support staff who are trying to quit?It doesn’t matter how small your company is, you can still sign up to take part. Absenteeism in smaller companies in Ireland amounts to over 4million days, which adds up to massive expenses for small businesses. Prevention is certainly better than cure and teaching people the skills to make wellbeing an integral part of their life will have a huge benefit to the company itself. The employee who feels their health and wellbeing is as consideration for the company will enjoy a better work environment, which evidence shows means they generally stay in that job longer. A happy workforce is a more productive workforce, so taking part makes senseFor some companies, this may be their first year to take part. For others, they may decide to build on something they started last year. Nutrition and physical wellbeing are the priority areas of the campaign this year, but any steps you can take to show you are actively prioritising wellbeing in the workplace will generate benefits. It also creates an environment where people can perhaps feel more comfortable expressing their health concerns, if that proves helpful for them. A work environment which insists on working outrageously long hours, exposing staff to high stress, skimping on meals and allowing no time for rest and relaxation is increasingly seen as detrimental to the health of the company, the indivudal working in it and of corse, their customers. Alas, our health care system in this country often falls into this category, needing very practical, grass-roots changes to make it a safer environment for those working in it.To sign up to the campaign and gain ideas on what your business can do, check out .last_img read more

This week in esports: Paladins, Gamer Sensei and BMW

first_imgThe biggest stories from the business world of esports this week come as WESA and Paladins creator Hi-Rez announce a league, as well as Gamer Sensei securing investment and BMW getting involved with the EU LCS Finals in Paris.BMW announced as official partner for the EU LCS FinalsRiot Games has announced that German car manufacturing giant BMW is the Official Partner for this year’s EULCS Summer Finals.The deal, which was announced on Twitter, sees Riot partnering with one of the best selling brands in the world for Europe’s biggest annual League of Legends event. The 2017 Finals will be held in Paris, and will see long-time European top dogs G2 face off against a Misfits lineup who have surprised many by upsetting both the Unicorns of Love and Fnatic in a series of dominating performances.The much-anticipated final will take place on Saturday the 3rd of September, and will be preceded by Fnatic’s third place match against H2K. With both finalists having already qualified for the World Championships, and with Fnatic already set to take top seeding in the upcoming gauntlet for the third spot, the matches this weekend will have a focus on local pride – and the small matter of a $200,000 (£155,000) prize pooRead the full article here.WESA and Hi-Rez announce Paladins Premier LeagueThe inaugural season will get underway in the immediate future in the autumn of 2017 and will see the participation of all the current 10 WESA Member teams. This means the likes of EnVyUS, Fnatic, G2, mouz, Na’Vi, NiP, Renegades, SK Gaming, Splyce and Virtus.Pro will each be getting a Paladins team. The PPL will become the second professional esports competition played under WESA guidance. Importantly, it has been confirmed that non-WESA teams will be able to join the league too, though they must comply with WESA’s regulations on the league and treatment of players. As part of the launch of the league, Hi-Rez Studios has partnered with WESA to split league revenues with participating teams, and to guarantee a minimum salary to players. These measures, combined with the global reach of the 10 WESA teams, give the PPL an exciting foundation from which to grow. Read the full article here.Gamer Sensei secure $4 million in venture fundingGamer Sensei, an esports coaching service working across multiple titles has secured $4 million (£3.09m) in venture funding.The latest round of funding was led by Accomplice and Avdvancit Capital, jined by Origin Ventures CRCM Ventures and Kiwi Ventures as well as attracting investment from other new and existing investors including the likes of aXiomatic, Abstract Ventures and Subversive Capital.The Gamer Sensei portfolio of coaching services is impressive, offering a multitude of popular esports titles. It offers ten titles in total for consumers. A consumer will choose their title before being matched with a coach from a collection of experts through Gamer Sensei’s system. Players will then “meet their Sensei” and be coached to improve at whichever title they’ve chosen. Support is in place for all big titles, including the likes of League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. It also covers  the likes of Starcraft II, Hearthstone and even GWENT, CD PROJEKT RED’s upcoming card game.Read the full article here.last_img read more