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first_img Previous Article Next Article Soul tradersOn 1 Dec 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Businesshas a habit of taking words and re-engineering them to suit its own needs. Soit is with “guru”. Test this out by asking a colleague to name twogurus who have made an impact on the business world. The odds are that theywill come out with Peter Drucker, Charles Handy, Tom Peters or, if they arefeeling patriotic, Sir John Harvey-Jones. You’ll cast around in vain for amention of the Baghwan.Butrecent developments suggest all that might be about to change. A growing numberof unashamedly spiritual philosophers – real gurus, if you like – are makinginroads into the business world. Whenan organisation as traditionalist as the Chartered Institute Personnel andDevelopment in Britain can make room at its conferences to discuss the impactof shamanic techniques on morale and performance, you know the issue has becomea significant one.Whatis at the root of this growing quest for spirituality in the workplace? Nodoubt it owes much of its momentum to Western society’s wider adoption ofEastern meditation and self-improvement techniques. Asthe boundaries between home and working life blur, an overspill of some kind isinevitable. As many US organisations demonstrated in the 20th century,companies can often flourish on a common set of ethics frequently grounded on ashared system of spiritual belief.Butthe real problem with gurus will always lie in sorting the wheat from thechaff. No-one needs reminding that this is an area in which charlatansflourish. Inrecent years, some decidedly questionable organisations have specificallytargeted the corporate world in their recruitment campaigns. They have managedto capitalise on the blurred ground between management”self-improvement” techniques and something more sinister.Here,we offer a potted guide to some of the more obviously benevolent gurus thathave emerged in recent years. Enjoy the karma.DalaiLamaCVHisHoliness Tenzin Qyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, is the exiled spiritual leader ofTibet and has an impeccable Buddhist pedigree. Held to be the reincarnation ofthe previous 13 Lamas, he can trace his spiritual line back to Avalokiteshvara,or Chenrezig – holy early followers of the Bodhisattva, or Buddhist way.Plucked from his peasant family for a life of spirituality at the age of fivein 1940, he was forced into exile in 1960 after the Chinese governmentannounced the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet. Subsequent braveefforts bringing about the bloodless withdrawal of the invader won him theNobel Prize for Peace in 1989.DisciplesEveryoneloves the Dalai Lama. He’s up there with Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela onthe world super-icon stakes, and countless celebrities, politicians and royalty(including the Prince of Wales) have gained inspiration from him. Morerecently, he’s been making strides in new economy circles: Mark Benioff, headof, is a fan.Message”Whydo we need to cultivate the thought that other sentient beings are precious andvaluable? Because they are really the principal source of all our experiencesof joy, happiness and prosperity… Our feelings of comfort and sense of securityare dependent upon other people’s perceptions of us and their affection for us.Human affection is the basis of our existence. Our life cannot start withoutaffection, and our sustenance and proper growth depend upon it.”SacredtextTheBodhicaryavatara, or guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, on which he hascommented extensively. The text of his Nobel Prize speech.ProsTheadoption of Buddhism, with its emphasis on altruism, would make everyone in theoffice much nicer to work with. Good value for money: you can attend athree-day course with the DL for just $150 (excluding service charge).ConsToomuch emphasis on being nice may take the edge off competitiveness. Buddhists inbusiness can appear unbearably smug (Anita Roddick).BuzzWordsPeaceand non-violence, compassion, altruism, ethics, precious freedom, lamrinmchenmo (path to enlightenment), madhyamakavatara (guide to the Middle Way).BottomlineIfyou’re going to get into Buddhism, you may as well follow the main man. TheDalai Lama’s status as an exiled national leader also means you can combinespiritual satisfaction with concern for human rights.PeterKoestenbaumCVAformer philosophy professor, Koestenbaum decided 25 years ago to apply theinsights he had gained in philosophy and psychiatry to business strategicmanagement. Since then, he has emerged as “one of the global economy’smost trusted sages, therapists and secular priests”. Founder and chairmanof PiB and the Koestenbaum Institute, his message is that the key to achievingbusiness results lies in the development of the leadership mind. To that end,he has developed the Leadership Diamond methodology, which “compresses thecomplexity of universal themes into a simple but not simplistic model”.DisciplesKoestenbaumhas won many admirers in blue-chip corporate circles. He claims to have advised”with intensity” IBM, Electronic Data Systems, Ford, Citibank, Volvo,Amoco and Xerox, to name but a few. An extensive author, his books include TheHeart of Business, Managing Anxiety, and Is There an Answer to Death?Message”TheDiamond distinguishes four interdependent leadership imperatives or‘orientations’: Ethics, vision, courage and reality. These orientations areyour inner resources, always available to help you if you access them. Thespace within the Diamond is your leadership capacity, which is called‘greatness’.”SacredtextLeadership,The Inner Side of Greatness.ProsLinksphilosophical insight with bottom-line business issues. Gives advice on how tobreak through “stuck points” and gain maximum impact with the leasteffort.ConsThenotion that you can improve your leadership qualities with the “leasteffort” by cultivating your “leverage corner” or weakestorientation may be overly simplistic. BuzzwordsRelationship,orientation, bottom line, stuck points, strategic, systemic, transformation,teamwork, principles.BottomlineYouhave to admire his determination to create a win-win relationship betweenbusiness results and human values. Anyone wanting to combine online leadershiplearning with applied wisdom and historical depth should sign up.DeepakChopraCVHailedby Time magazine in 1999 as one of the “top 100 icons and heroes of thecentury”, Chopra has done more than any other individual to familiarisethe American people with the tenets of Eastern mysticism. Born in India, he isa qualified doctor who combines his spiritual message with practicalsuggestions for physical wellbeing and self-improvement. In 1996, he opened theChopra Center for Well-Being in La Jolla, California, offering everything fromyoga, chanting and meditation, to Ayurvedic and conventional detox treatments.Disciples”Thepoet-prophet of alternative medicine” is a prolific author and translatorof mystic classics. His 25 books, translated into 35 languages, have won him astrong global following, but his heartland is still California.Message”Everythingwe experience as material reality is born in an invisible realm beyond spaceand time – revealed by science to consist of energy and informationÉ We are nowready to understand divine intelligence directly. In many ways, this newknowledge reinforces what spiritual traditions have already promisedÉUnlesssome small part of God touches the material world, he will remain inaccessibleforever.”SacredtextToomany to name. His website is currently giving prominence to “How to KnowGod”.ProsEasilyaccessible. Bridges the gaps between spirituality, science and moderncommercial imperatives. Provider of imaginative package holidays.ConsCanyou cope with all that “primordial sound meditation” (aka chanting)?BuzzwordsEnergy,quantum soup, information, miracles, darshan (blessings), pujas (rituals),dormant potentialities, detox.BottomlineIfyou’re seeking a more holistic approach to life, this is the guy for you. Youcould read his On the Shores of Eternity, new English versions of poems byRabindranath Tagore, while undergoing colonic irrigation at the Center forWell-Being. Either way, you’re bound to emerge feeling positive. LeslieKentonCVKentonhurtled on to the HR sphere when she told the CIPD that companies should followshamanic techniques to improve morale and performance. This former Harpers& Queen editor is clearly a renaissance woman, combining advice onachieving health, beauty, personal development and spiritual power with anundoubted entrepreneurial streak. Kenton achieved sales of £2.3m within twoyears of launching her regenerative skin product on to the UK market. Daughterof the late US jazz musician Stan Kenton, she is also a social andenvironmental activist and TV cook.DisciplesEveryonefrom Estee Lauder, through Unilever to the European Parliament. Kenton’sinsistence that good health boosts creativity, power and autonomy – bothpersonally and in the business environment – has found fertile ground incorporate circles. Other clients have included Guinness, Boots and L’Or‚al.Message”Realhealth, creativity and power come from within. The only true ‘guru’ is thehuman soul.” She can provide tools and techniques to help you release yourpotential for energy, health and personal freedom, and thus improve your homeand working life.SacredtextChoosefrom more than 30 best-selling books. Passage to Power sounds promising forbusiness types.ProsLearnhow to be beautifully effective at the same time as being effectively beautiful.ConsMaynot appeal to unreconstructed males who don’t use moisturiser.BuzzwordsNaturalhealing, vibrant, passion, raw, origins, ageless ageing.BottomlineAbreath of fresh air on the management consulting circuit, Kenton’s obviousability to practice what she preaches attracts admiration. Sign her up ifyou’re serious about work-life balance issues and want advice about healing theplanet.YefimShubentsovCVTestamentto the continuing power of word-of-mouth recommendation, this formerprofessional artist – known by some as the “Mad Russian” – has beencuring addicts of all kinds for 20 years. Now based in Brookline,Massachusetts, Shubentsov claims his gift for healing springs from a”heightened energy field”. Nobody knows how he does it, but hisefficacy has been scientifically corroborated. He treats around 500 people amonth.DisciplesDesperateindividuals from all over the US and, increasingly, Europe. Shubentsov has astrong following in international fashionista and celebrity circles. Clientshave included Courteney Cox, Fran Leibovitz and the novelist Amy Tan.Message”Iam the eraser. Physically, I transform energy. I remove the mistakes in energyfields that surround addicts. I correct it like it’s supposed to be.”SacredtextCureYour Cravings, co-authored by Barbara Gordon.ProsAnardent believer in the virtues of common sense, toughness and patience.Reasonable rates, and excellent follow-up service.ConsPossiblytoo many similarities with that other mad Russian, Rasputin. According to oneobserver, Shubentsov has “all the subtlety of a professionalwrestler”.BuzzwordsEraser,your last chance, energy, electromagnetic field, sixth sense, don’t.BottomlineCouldbe a useful means of prolonging the lives of talented but dissolute seniorexecutives.DrVCVBasedin the remote Indian town of Madurai, 82-year-old Dr Govindappa Venkataswamy isthe most admired cataract surgeon on the subcontinent. Since he opened hisfirst eye hospital in 1976, he has restored sight to more than 1 millionpeople, usually for free. Yet Dr V is so productive that his hospital enjoys agross margin of 40 per cent. Achieving this feat has led to him being creditedwith solving the mystery of leadership: how you go about translating visioninto reality. As one follower has remarked, “He is a doctor to the eyesand a leader to the soul. Dr V teaches that work can be a vehicle forself-transcendence.”DisciplesAgrowing band of US business writers who trek to Madurai to see the doctor inaction.Message”IfCoca-Cola can sell billions of sodas and McDonald’s can sell billions ofburgers, why can’t I sell millions of sight-restoring operations and,eventually, the belief in human perfection? With sight, people can be freedfrom hunger, fear and poverty. You can perfect the body, then mind and soul,and raise people’s level of thinking and acting.”He believes that if you understandthe deeper principles of your work and follow those aims, you achieve a powerthat draws resources – money, people – to you.SacredtextDrV is a doer, not a pontificator. No sacred text has emerged to date.ProsFantastic.Dr V has cracked how to find the path to ultimate spiritual perfection, give tothe poor, and still be profitable. The ultimate in utopian volume marketing.ConsMessagedoesn’t go down too well on Wall Street.BuzzwordsPerfection,vision, self-knowledge, self-transcendence, giving, non-violence, truthfulness,light.BottomlineDrV is living proof that the reward for work is not what you get out of it, butwhat you become from it. Still, signing up to all his ideals may be a bit of along shot for most. Comments are closed. last_img read more

CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioning

first_img One Response to CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioning The process of gender transitioning is complex and not undertaken lightly. As Dawn Wyvern explains in the first of a two-part series, occupational health professionals therefore can play an important role in supporting employees who choose to transition, as well as helping employers understand what it will mean in terms of time away from, and returning to, work.It’s by no means a scientific observation, but there do seem to be many more transgender people in the workplace these days. Is this because there are more people transitioning or is it because being transgender is now more acceptable, as well as opportunities to access the surgery required to transition being more readily available?About the authorDawn Wyvern is an occupational health nurse advisor and offshore medicOpinions differ but, whatever the reason, there is a strong possibility that, as an OH practitioner, will come across a transgender person in your workplace and may be required to support them.This article is the first of two exploring issues relating to being transgender. I am myself transgender and therefore this article aims to provide an overview of the “what, why and how” elements of supporting transgender individuals within the workplace.My second article in the series will build on this foundation and consider the legal requirements in relation to supporting an employee as they transition into their preferred gender.As with all things, the medical guidelines and support for those who are transgender are dynamic areas and prone to revision and progression. However, it is hoped that the information explored here will be helpful to practitioners in supporting a transgender person in the workplace.Being “transgender” – some clarificationAccording to the World Health Organization, transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex they were assigned at birth (WHO, 2016).The term “transgender”, often shortened to “trans”, is an umbrella term covering a range of gender identities (Oliven, 1974). It refers to people whose gender identity is the opposite of the sex they were assigned at birth: trans men being men nominated female at birth and trans women being women nominated male at birth.Other identity terminology refers to people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine and who identify as non-binary, gender-queer or including bi-gender, pangender, gender-fluid, or a-gender.When discussing transgender issues, it is important to differentiate between transgender and non-transgender people. The opposite of transgender is “cisgender”, the term describing persons whose gender identity or expression matches their sex assigned at birth (NHS England, 2019).Some people identify as belonging to a third gender, or categorise transgender people as a third gender (WHO, 2016). Such gender identities are seen in other cultures around the world including the ‘mahu’ in Hawaii and hijra in India. These people stand outside of the male/female binary order (Mahapatra, 2014).The term transgender includes transvestites, cross-dressers, drag queens and drag kings, and other forms of gender nonconformity, but is distinguished from intersex (The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2015).However, not all transgender people elect to undergo surgery or take medication to develop secondary sexual characteristics. They may choose to live in their preferred gender role, whilst others may desire medical assistance to transition from one gender to another and identify as “transsexual” (Gov UK, 2010) because of gender dysphoria. This is the distress a person experiences when there is a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth (Oliven, 1974).Being transgender is independent of sexual orientation (Anon, 2013); sexual preferences are unrelated to gender and often misunderstood when gender is confused with sexuality.Many transgender people choose not to obtain a gender recognition certificate or to permanently change their gender, preferring to live with a different name to the one they were given at birth.A range of reasons underpin such a decision and employers and others should support this in the same way as transgender individuals undergoing surgery (Gov UK, 2010 and NHS England, 2019).Some statistics about transgender identityThe following statistics can assist in understanding the transgender population in the UK.In 2018-19, approximately 8000 adults and children were referred to gender identity clinics (GICs) (NHS, 2020).The number of those under the age of 18 years being referred to GICs has quadrupled in the last four years (Hartley, 2020).There is up to a three-year waiting list for first appointments across the five national GICs (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).In 2018-19, three times as many people assigned female at birth were referred to the Tavistock GIC compared to those assigned as male at birth (Hartley, 2020).Although 41% of transgender people (TGs) will try to end their life by suicide before the age of 30, this number is more than halved after commencing hormone treatment (McNeil et al, 2012, Powers 2019).Only 2% of all post-op TGs have regrets – most of these are because of complications from surgery (Powers, 2019).Many TGs suffer from mental illnesses, which improve during transition (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).Too much choice? What am I?An overview of the complexity of transgender has been presented. However, there are numerous differences on where, within the transgender spectrum, individuals feel most comfortable.In illustration, 26 choices were included on a form sent to schools by the Children’s Commissioner in 2016, asking the students to identify their gender preference (Boult, 2016).The gender preferences offered included: boy, girl, tomboy, female, male, young woman, young man, trans girl, trans boy, gender fluid, a-gender, androgynous, bi-gender, non-binary, demi-boy, demi-girl, gender-queer, gender-nonconforming, tri-gender, all-gender, in the middle of boy and girl, intersex, not sure, rather not say, and “other”.As we are all unique, are labels necessary? For myself, I would prefer to be simply listed as identifying as a member of the trans community.Self-Identification is an important area for support. Being able to express who you are without any constraint from “labels” is important, but it is important to respect a label that an individual identifies with and complying with their terminology.Having a name that a person is comfortable with and equates to their preferred gender is an important point in self-identification.It’s a lifestyle choice, isn’t it?Being transgender is not a choice. Rather, it is something in the person’s make up that is part of them from an early age.We can ask ourselves some very simple questions to illustrate what our options are or individual make up.Such questions include asking: what colour are your eyes, can you choose your eye colour? You can wear contact lenses and hide your true eye colour. However, your true eye colour will always remain unchanged.Are you left or right handed? Your dominant hand is innate. But it is possible to train yourself over time to be able to use the dominant and non-dominant hands equally.What is your sexuality? Can you choose what you find attractive? As discussed above, when discussing sexuality, you can deny your deepest feeling, but this will still be there.When it comes to gender, is it possible to choose your inner gender? The feeling of being in the wrong gender is always there if you are transgender.So, gender identity is not a choice, we are all unique and have different make up (Powers, 2019). Self-identity awareness may come from an early age when you know you need to do something but it is put on hold. Alternatively, there may be a realisation in middle age when you just have to follow the call. It is not a choice – but it is often held back.Many individuals know they are different at an early age; some are able to take steps then, but others hesitate hoping that they will be able “to fit in”, often from parental expectations and peer pressure (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015; Mermaids, 2020).Understanding transgender transitioningThe NHS has established a series of GICs specialising in the treatment and management of transgender transitioning within the UK.These centres triage those wishing to commence hormone therapy and support those who wish to have gender confirming surgery. In view of this, national guidelines have been developed to guide these individuals through the process (NHS, 2020; House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).These are often seen as a hindrance to the transgender population and not “best practice”, as the waiting time is often very slow from the point of being referred to the point of attending their first appointment.There is a further delay from the point of being seen in the GIC to commencing surgery (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).Obviously, this waiting time increases stress and anxiety at a time when the individual is hoping for support and progression. The original “Harry Benjamin” standards of care protocols set this precedent but tended to focus on a purely psychological basis (Powers, 2019).Recently the WHO has removed transgender from its list of psychiatric “disorders” and the need for psychiatric evaluation is no longer required for those who wish to transition (WHO, 2019).NHS England Gender Dysphoria Clinical Programme has produced a set of transition flow charts. These standardise the treatment pathways for the transgender individuals and, as NHS England explained at the time, were “formed through a process of extensive stakeholder engagement and public consultation”. (NHS England, 2019). The pathways, however, are often seen as obstructive to those who are transitioning and a constant source of frustration (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).An outline of the route to transitioning provided by NHS EnglandThe individual has an awareness of the need to transition. Awareness comes at various ages and realisation takes time. The individual may need to overcome family and social factors, prior to being able to commence their transition.They, first, undertake a visit to their GP, who refers to the GIC. There is now a wait for an appointment with the GIC. Two to three years (24-36 months) was the timeframe in 2019-2020 (NHS, 2020).If the individual is below the age of puberty, the GIC may fast-track them to commence a medication regime to slow the onset of puberty. This is to defer the development of secondary sexual characteristics, which will be detrimental to their transition, so as to allow time for the individual to make a more informed choice of their options prior to commencing hormones (Mermaids, 2020).During this time, some people may start transitioning by changing their name via deed poll; this is the legal document that proves a name-change. The person will then commence a “real life experience” of living and working in their preferred gender for a period of at least two years.The day of the official name-change is generally taken as day one for that experience. At this point, they have their professional and civil documents changed to adopt their new name.A transgender woman may undertake hair removal at this point, if they have not done so already. They may also need to “come out” at home and at work as part of a social and visible transition (Anon, 2020).After a period of time, the person will attend their first GIC appointment, where they will discuss how they feel and explore their gender identity, obtain a background history. Treatments are rarely commenced at this appointment.After a further period of time, usually six to eight months, they will attend their second appointment at the GIC.Provided there are no medical red flags and the individual is deemed psychologically stable, hormones are recommended and a letter confirming this is sent to their GP in order that they can prescribe them.Access to speech therapy and hair removal services is arranged at this point. Regular hormone and liver function tests are arranged, with medication levels being adjusted as required (Anon, 2020).Following a period of two years of real life experience (to recap, living in their preferred gender), the GIC will make a referral for surgery. This involves two further assessments by two different doctors (NHS England, 2019; NHS 2020).The use of hormones will have a profound change in secondary sexual characteristics for both genders (Powers, 2019). These include:For a male to female transition. These are skin changes, breast growth, mood swings, fat redistribution, and loss of muscle mass.For a female to male transition. The development of body hair, voice changes, increase of muscle mass, an increase of libido, cessation of menstruation and possibly male pattern baldness (Powers, 2019).Accessing surgery can be complex. NHS waiting lists are long and there are a number of prerequisites, such as having a body mass index below 30, good management of hypertension and diabetes, as is the case for other elective surgery.For male to female surgery, the removal of hair from the genital region is often required before surgery can be undertaken, as the tissue may be used to construct parts of the new anatomy.The approximate timeline for surgery and recovery includes a minimum of a six-month wait after the GIC visits for the first surgical assessment. After that, there is often a two- to 12-month wait for the first surgical intervention.Male to female surgery includes vaginoplasty, breast augmentation, facial surgery, tracheal shave, and laryngeal surgery.Vaginoplasty requires an eight- to 10-week recovery period, but recovery periods for the other surgical interventions is procedure-dependant.Dilation is a lifelong requirement to maintain patency of the constricted vagina. For the first few months post-operatively, this will be required for up to three hours per day (Powers, 2019).Female to male surgery can include “top surgery” to remove breast tissue and construct a male-shaped chest.There is further genital surgery, including scrotoplasty and metoidioplasty/phalloplasty to fashion a new phallus and scrotum after clitoral growth has been stimulated following the use of testosterone.Removal of female organs of reproduction is also necessary, and includes a total hysterectomy. Recovery times are again dependant on the type of procedure (Powers, 2019; Anon, 2020).After gender realignment surgery, a period of time is required for maintenance of the new gender anatomy, including, as touched on above, dilation for male to female and stretching of phallus skin for female to male.Completion of gender-affirming surgery is often seen as the end of the transitioning process. However, it is worth being aware that there are often ongoing areas that will always require some attention, such as family acceptance and relationships (House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, 2015).Implications for occupational healthAs this article has highlighted, the process of transitioning is complex and not undertaken lightly. Occupational health (OH) professionals have an important role to play in supporting clients who choose to transition from the gender they were assigned at birth.There will be both physical and psychological challenges for the worker. Equally, the person’s line manager and HR professionals are likely also to welcome advice from their OH service in terms of regarding the impact on their employee’s health, time off from work, their ability to work, and how their health and transitioning might impact on them generally in the workplace.In the second article in this series, which will appear in next month’s edition, I will consider the legal considerations of transitioning. This is an important area for occupational health practitioners, line managers and HR staff to be considering – and fully understanding – in order to ensure that they are confident they are treating their transgender staff, fairly, sensitively.ReferencesAnon (2013). “Sexual orientation, homosexuality and bisexuality”. American Psychological Association.Anon (2020). “Female to Male Transsexuals: Gender Reassignment and FTM Surgery Guide”. Available online at: https://www.femaletomale.orgAnon (2020). Mascara and Hope. Available online at: https://mascaraandhope.tumblr.comBoult A (2016). “Government asks schoolchildren to define their gender”. The Daily Telegraph, January 2016. Available online at: Equality Act 2010. London: HMSO.Hartley E (2020). “Why do so many teeenage girls want to change gender?”. Prospect Magazine, March 2020. Available online at: The General Guide for all Users Gender Recognition Act 2004. HM Courts and Tribunals Service, 2019. London: HMSO.House of Commons Women and Equalities Commitee, 2015. Transgender Equality First Report of Session 2015-16. London UK: House of Commons.Mahapatra D (2104). “Supreme Court recognizes transgenders as ‘third gender’”. Times of India, April 2014. Available online at: J et al (2012). “Trans Mental Health Study”. Available online at: (2020). Mermaids Transgender Support. Available online at: England (2019). “NHS England Gender Dysporial Clinincal Programme”. Available online at: (2020). “Gender Identity Clinic: what happens when you are referred”. Available online at: United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (2015). “Free & Equal Campaign Fact Sheet: Intersex”. Available online at: J F (1974). “Clinical sexuality: A Manual for the Physician and the Professions”. Lippincott, pp.110; 484-487.Powers W (2019). Available at: https//PowersFamilyMedicine.comWHO (2016). “Growing recognition of transgender health”. Bulletin of the WHO , 94(11), pp.685-860. Available online at: (2019). “WHO ICD classification of Diseases.” Available online at: Care needs to be taken on the language in this article.“A man transitioning to live as a woman may undertake hair removal at this point, if they have not done so already.”She does not become a women, she is already a woman. Any treatments are gender affirming.Editor’s response – thank you pointing this out. We’ve updated the sentence to, hopefully, reflect your point and use more appropriate language. Musculoskeletal care and occupational health: only for more ‘enlightened’ employers?The good news is musculoskeletal care for working-age people is widely considered a priority area by clinical commissioning groups, a… Previous Article Next Article Laura Leigh 5 Mar 2021 at 3:05 pm # Reply center_img Related posts: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.Comment Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Website Could ‘long Covid’ become the biggest return-to-work challenge yet for OH?Covid-19 is not just a discussion about those who recover from the virus and those, sadly, who do not. A… CPD: Transition period – supporting employees through gender transitioningOn 5 Mar 2021 in Transgender, Gender, Continuing professional development, Gender reassignment discrimination, LGBT, OH service delivery, Return to work and rehabilitation, Sickness absence management, Occupational Health, Personnel Today CPD: Supporting an employee living with an alcohol problemOccupational health can play a pivotal leadership role when it comes to supporting an employee struggling with alcohol or substance…last_img read more

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor

first_imgBaylor College of Medicine and Department Summary:Baylor College of Medicine is recognized as one of the nation’spremier academic health science centers and is known for excellencein education, research, and healthcare and community service.Located in the Texas Medical Center, Baylor offers a highlyinteractive environment and a strong infrastructure forresearch.Diversity among Baylor’s students, trainees, faculty and staff is aprerequisite to accomplishing Baylor’s institutional mission, andto maintaining the highest standards in training for healthcareproviders and biomedical scientists, scientific innovation, andpatient-centered care. Baylor is committed to ensuring equalopportunity for all qualified persons without taking into accountrace, color, national origin, creed, sex, sexual orientation,ancestry, age, veteran status or disability unrelated to jobrequirements.SummaryThe Department of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology is focused onusing small molecules and biologics to understand and modifydisease-relevant cellular processes. The Department invitesapplications from outstanding scientists for a tenure trackposition at the Assistant, Associate or Full Professor rank.The successful candidate will possess or develop an independent,funded research program in drug discovery, chemical biology,protein design and engineering or other areas broadly relevant topharmacology. The candidate will supervise graduate students andpostdoctoral fellows and contribute to the educational programs inthe Department and College.Candidates should have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree and postdoctoralexperience as well as a strong record of researchaccomplishments.Applicants should upload a curriculum vitae, summary of researchaccomplishments, statement of research interests, and the names ofthree references as a single PDF.Baylor College of Medicine is an Equal Opportunity/AffirmativeAction/Equal Access Employer.5139CA; CHlast_img read more

Sonneveld takeover

first_imgDutch firm Sonneveld, which produces bread improvers, mixes and release agents, is to become part of Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI) in Norway.Oslo-based firm Orkla, which offers a range of bakery ingredients, has acquired the shares in Sonneveld Group BV, based in Papendrecht, the Netherlands, including all its subsidiaries. “There is a strong strategic fit between the two groups,” said Sonneveld in a statement released by firm.OFI has a decentralized business model, therefore Sonneveld will continue to be known by that name. The existing management team and managing director will remain at the firm and will continue to deliver “innovations, stable quality and a high service level” said the firm.Sonneveld Group MD Cees Hack, said the new ownership represents new opportunities, “in particular in the patisserie sector”, that will benefit both Sonneveld and its customers.OFI has subsidiaries in 17 European countries and forms part of the Orkla Group – one of the largest listed companies in Norway with a turnover of €7 billion.The takeover is due to approval of the Dutch Competition Authority.last_img read more

EU orders 30,000 remdesivir coronavirus treatments

first_imgThe first batch of doses will cost 63 million euros ($73 million) and ought to cover needs for the next few months before a second procurement contract in October. Topics : The European Commission has ordered 30,000 treatment doses of the antiviral medication remdesivir from US drugs giant Gilead, it announced Wednesday.Sold under the brand name Veklury, remdesivir is the first medicine to be approved by the EU to treat victims of the COVID-19 pandemic in EU member states and Britain.It is hoped the drug will shorten recovery times for patients with severe infections and it will be made available early next month. last_img read more

South Sulawesi village inundated, isolated for two months following flash flood

first_imgWara village in North Luwu regency, South Sulawesi has reportedly been inundated for two months as a reservoir in the neighborhood was damaged by a flash flood on July 13. “An embankment located in neighboring Lembang-Lembang village was broken, causing an inundation up to 1 meter high in our village,” Wara village head Basruddin said on Monday.The situation has further isolated the village from the rest of North Luwu regency.Read also: Floods in North Sumatra force hundreds from their homesResidents of Wara can only reach other areas by riding a motorboat to get staple food and clean water, among other essentials. They have to pay Rp 10,000 (67 US cents) for a motorboat ticket. The residents hope the authorities will soon help them with the flooding, as well as distribute food and medicines to the village.“Some volunteers sent us aid, but we are running out of it. We cannot carry out any activities in the village [to fulfill our daily needs] due to the prolonged inundation,” Basruddin added, as reported by (vny)Topics :last_img read more

‘Dream come true’: Alaphilippe in rainbow jersey after world title win

first_img“I’ve been so close so many times, but I had never even been on the podium.” Tour de France champion Tadej Pogacar vainly launched an attack on the penultimate climb at Cima Gallisterna, 42km from the finish line. The 22-year-old was reeled in by Van Aert’s teammates, with the Slovenian finishing down the field in 33rd position. Alaphilippe then attacked on the final climb less than 12km from the finish line, holding on to finish 24 seconds ahead of his rivals with Van Aert settling for his second silver after Friday’s time-trial. Topics : For Alaphilippe this season had so far reaped modest success compared to 2019 when he won the Strade Bianche, Milan-San Remo and the Fleche Wallonne, before wearing the Tour de France yellow jersey for 14 days.This year, he won the second stage of the Tour in Nice on August 30 and wore the yellow jersey for three days, but in Imola he captured the rainbow jersey for a year. Pogacar muzzled “It’s a new chance,” Alaphilippe had warned as national coach Thomas Voeckler built the French team around the rider from the Loire, who had missed out in three previous editions.This time, the Frenchman who rides for the Deceuninck Quick-Step team, was not picked off by his rivals despite Van Aert’s imposing presence in the chasing pack. “I came here with a lot of ambition, and today the France team was very strong,” said an emotional Alaphilippe. The race got underway under overcast skies in Emilia-Romagna and only took shape 70km from the finish with the French team of Quentin Pacher, Nans Peters and Kenny Elissonde putting pressure on their rivals.After Pogacar was muzzled by van Aert’s teammates Tiesj Benoot and Tim Wellens, heading into the final 20km, Alaphilippe patiently waited for his moment.That came on the approach of the top of the final ascent of Gallisterna, over 2.7km and with a 6.4 percent gradient.The French rider then put his foot on the pedal charging down the narrow road, in descending false flats, to the Enzo and Dino Ferrari Racetrack in Imola.At the entrance to the racing circuit, 3.4km from the finish, the job was done with 14 seconds on his rivals and the rainbow jersey waiting for him at the finish line. France’s Julian Alaphilippe claimed his first world title in the men’s road race on Sunday to fulfil his “career dream” of wearing the rainbow jersey.Alaphilippe crossed the line alone in Imola ahead of Belgian Wout van Aert and Swiss Marc Hirschi after more than six and a half hours in the saddle over 258km through the hills of Romagna.”It was the dream of my career,” said the 28-year-old, who became the first French rider to claim the world title since Laurent Brochard in 1997. last_img read more

Botched hire of oil fund CEO risks breaking the law, say supervisors

first_imgBut the scandal has encompassed many other issues, including Norges Bank’s mishandling of the appointment process, its failure to satisfy the public that Tangen’s fortune will not create conflicts of interest in his new role and Tangen’s use of tax havens such as the Cayman Islands.In the letter signed by the council’s leader Julie Brodtkorb, and Jan Frode Jakobsen, director of the office of the supervisory council, the panel said the accession of a new SWF CEO should happen in a way that maintains high confidence in Norges Bank and the GPFG – both in the Norwegian population and among international market players.“It is important that Norges Bank does not manage this in a way that weakens confidence,” the council wrote.“Doubts about the employment relationship, potential conflicts of interest and uncertainty about tax ethics could pose persistent challenges if these issues are not resolved quickly and clearly,” it said.Part of the problem has been Tangen’s absence from the published list of applicants until two days before his appointment was announced – an error the bank’s executive board has already admitted.Addressing this, Brodtkorb and Jakobsen wrote: “There is great public interest in hiring for the position of chief executive of NBIM. In the Supervisory Board’s opinion, Norges Bank has not handled transparency about the applicant list as should be expected.”When he was appointed, Norges Bank said Tangen would step down from all positions associated with his asset management firm AKO Capital and the associated charitable AKO Foundation, so the entities’ investments would be made independently of him.However, the supervisors said documents planted doubt that enough distancing was taking place.“The supervisory board believes it is very unfortunate that on the one hand it has been stated that Tangen is breaking all ties to the AKO system, while submitted documentation from Tangen’s lawyer shows that he is still the principal owner and has voting control in AKO Capital,” they wrote.Documents from lawyer also said that 100% tax exemption for Tangen’s donations to AKO Foundation was essential for the organisation going forward, the panel said.“The supervisory council believes these circumstances show that Tangen is not breaking all ties to the AKO system,” the panel wrote.“The supervisory council believes these circumstances show that Tangen is not breaking all ties to the AKO system”Norges Bank Supervisory CouncilThe bank’s overseers also said the executive board should have said sooner whether Slyngstad did break the rules by accepting hospitality and a private flight from Tangen.“When it comes to the question of cost coverage for Slyngstad’s participation in the seminar, the supervisory board believes that, for reasons of clarity to all employees, the executive board should have responded earlier about whether this was in breach of Norges Bank’s ethical regulations,” they wrote.Slyngstad himself has already apologised in an internal message to all staff at NBIM for this, admitting he made a mistake.The supervisors concluded their letter saying they would discuss the matter further after the executive board’s scheduled 27 May meeting to conclude work on resolving possible conflicts of interest with Tangen’s private property and ownership interests.Responding to this morning’s letter, the executive board said it was now working on Tangen’s employment contract and would take the comments into account in that work.Øystein Olsen, Norges Bank governor, addressed the council’s remark that it was unfortunate not all conflicts of interest between Tangen’s finances and his future role leading NBIM had been clarified before his employment, saying:“In our letter of 29 April 2020, the executive board addresses why specific solutions to ensure sufficient distance could not be in place until after the employment had been made public.”In that late-April letter, the executive board said the need for confidentiality had meant details of how the separation between Tangen and his assets was to be achieved would have to be worked out after the appointment was announced.Among other criticisms levelled at Norges Bank’s executive board in yesterday’s letter, the supervisory council also said the bank’s ethical guidelines seemed “unclear when it comes to practical application.”Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. The supervisory council of Norway’s central bank has issued a sharp reprimand to Norges Bank’s executive board over its mismanaged recruitment of hedge fund magnate Nicolai Tangen as the next head of the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG).In a four-page letter, the 15-strong panel of overseers say: “Confusion in this matter and the possible future organisation of the personal interests of the CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), carry the risk of violations of laws, rules and guidelines.”The panel, which ensures the bank’s rules are observed and consists of 15 members chosen by the Storting (Norway’s parliament) was responding to the executive board’s letter of 29 April which dealt with multiple concerns about Tangen’s appointment made public a month earlier.The hiring has aroused heated debate in Norway since it came out that Yngve Slyngstad, the current head of NBIM – which runs the GPFG sovereign wealth fund – had attended an extravagant seminar hosted by Tangen last autumn and also been flown home at the tycoon’s expense.last_img read more

House Rules winners Aaron and Daniella Winter’s quirky Gold Coast home hits the market

first_imgThe property at 9 Summerland Key, Broadbeach Waters, underwent a two-week flip on the show.The bright four-bedroom house at 9 Summerland Key was listed for sale this week with a $1.325 million price tag. The asking price is a far cry from the $730,000 the pair paid four years ago for the unrenovated property. The carpenter and dance teacher won the series and the mega $200,000 cash prize and have since opened a business, Hype Build and Design. Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 1:20Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -1:20 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD540p540p360p360p270p270pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreen6 Australian wow homes that have just sold01:20 The Palm Springs-inspired house is set to attract plenty of attention. MORE NEWS: How to sell for the highest price The waterfront home is listed through Danny Stanley and Jamie Harrison of Kollosche.Kollosche listing agent Danny Stanley, who is selling the property alongside Jamie Harrison, said its time on the small screen was sure to generate extra interest. “After being on such a popular TV show we expect there will be plenty of hype about the home,” he said. “It is definitely a very unique home with plenty of character throughout. “The bright colours and contrasting wallpaper work in well together to create a funky Palm Springs-inspired oasis. “Each room is different to the next and brings its own personality to the home, yet they all seem to tie in together seamlessly.” House Rules 2017 winners Aaron and Daniella Winter have listed their family home for sale. Picture: Tertius Pickard The family of four, including the couple’s two children Jaxon, 5, and Brooklyn, 3, are selling to start another Broadbeach Waters project. “(We) have many styles running wild (for the next property), from a vintage Palm Springs to a New York-style loft apartment,” Daniella said. “We are not locked into any design we just love being inspired by every new location.” A Broadbeach Waters home which has starred on the small screen has hit the market.THE quirky and colourful Gold Coast home of Channel 7 reno show winners has hit the market. House Rules 2017 winners Aaron and Daniella Winter purchased the dated Broadbeach Waters property in 2015 and had it transformed into a Palm Springs-inspired oasis on the reality show. MORE NEWS: Spring has sprung early for the property market More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa10 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag1 day agoIt’s now a quirky and colourful home.A two-week flip on the show saw the couple get a house that was almost exactly what they wanted. “In our house we got as close as possible, we made it a friendly family entertainers’ dream home with many features — not one wall was left untouched,” Daniella said. “We wanted a lot of features to add value and, where we could, to make it as open plan as possible. “Most importantly, the house needs to feel like a home that means … every space needs to be interesting and full of personality.” The property has a $1.325 million price tag. The couple are selling to move onto another project in the area.last_img read more

Haitians called upon to be patient as rebuilding in their homeland continues

first_img Tweet 14 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share Photo credit: geneva.usmission.govPresident of the Dominica/Haiti Friendship Association Roland Desire is calling on members of the Haitian community here to be patient towards the rebuilding process of their country.There has been concern that the rebuilding process in Haitian under its new leader Michel Martelly is taking too long and is affecting the normal life that most Haitians would like to live both overseas and in their homeland.Some Haitians have been complaining that they too would like to return to their country but there would be nothing substantial to return to as Haiti is still reeling from the shock of the January 12 earthquake which killed thousands of lives.But Mr. Desire says the problems can only be solved when Haitians come together because Haiti is a very tough country to govern.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img Share Share LocalNews Haitians called upon to be patient as rebuilding in their homeland continues by: – July 6, 2011last_img read more