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  • " report "(currently) in all of the PC side of the site, low quality sites accounted for more than 75% (low quality website 40% for cheating station, 20% worthless sites, 40% bad acquisition station)".

    is so, the reason is because the network content all marketers are eager to "marketing, good content is good, bad is good" as the Shanghai dragon creed, the "content is king" wrongly equated with "more" content is king ", say more, sell more", in the content of making Jerry, "almost on the line", or even "the world is a big copy, see you will not copy copy copy" pseudo original acquisition "in the end.

    of course, such a situation is fully formed, will play in the domestic network marketing industry.

    vividly illustrates the deterioration of ecological Chinese Internet — although we say that the "customer first", "content is king", but the entire network content "bad money drives out good" trend is more obvious, all the junk content is meaningless with keywords "raging network. "The acquisition station, cheating site, worthless sites throughout the Internet and resource environment in higher proportion, and the dominant trend. High quality resources and living space in decreasing".

    This set of data

    think that the kind of "good ranking content is good, bad is good" Shanghai dragon without changing the inherent industry concept, is completely mistaken. Because of the "report" said the "Internet information explosion" is just a kind of abnormal prosperity, constructing the content system of the whole industry is ignored in the content, system construction to "who is more bad, the inevitable result of low level competition intense homogenization.

    when the "Shanghai dragon die", "Shanghai dragon ER switch" and other negative topic in the industry rampant occasion, 2013 report China website operation trend Webmaster Platform released "love Shanghai" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") pointed out: "the explosion of the Internet information, how will the information users need to recommend to the user before key: predictions in order to increase the network marketing content exposure," grab eyeballs "for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is still worthy of attention in 2013.

    love Shanghai said the 2013 Shanghai dragon still need attention

    Enumerated data confirms this point: "

    But if

    it is not beyond all expectations – the whole world has more than 644 million active sites, how to make our promotion content by potential users easily found, so as to realize their desired marketing expectations, is still the primary goal of the website operators marketing, bring potential target customers that Shanghai still can not easily give up the dragon.


    China Internet website of low quality distribution


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  • ?

    blog links will make people feel surprised. With the golden value of the blog is based on a large user base and active community. Not only do they have a common link and advantage is very useful to enhance brand awareness and industrial benefit.

    link to your blog community relations never forget. As far as possible the use of relations to improve your community influence, so that we can get more posts containing your links. Generally speaking, a link, a person has and you mutual attention, and quote your blog content, asking people to add your link to more easily than you abruptly.

    if your blog link does not get some external links each other so it is unable to give you too much interest. No matter whether you wrote an anonymous post or by some useful links mentioned, if this page only internal links, which have only a small role. But if this page can get some external links, so it can at least get a double effect.

    link seems not so difficult, and now you must create a link for your link. I haven’t done systematic research, just do some observation.

    Although only a few




    recommend some good

    but we don’t talk about Shanghai Longfeng temporarily. On the contrary will show that the associated link enables the readers to browse more in-depth. Of course, if they understand the Shanghai dragon if they appreciate this view.

    Of course, there are many

    is simply focus on each bloggers are the relationship between things: their readers.

    title tags

    blog patterns will inhibit their role. For example, with the passage of time was sunk into the depths of the blog. The new article they squeezed out from the main page or blog page directory. This result naturally leads to the chain effect in most of the blog in the archive page is limited.

    positive and effective method to suppress the poor links and so on, then we can really do what

    plug-in to ensure that these posts and articles. Some plugins can be used to promote each other and recommend related articles. But not every blogger can use these tools and you can’t ask too much of their blog to your search engine optimization.

    if you have a blog link, especially if you are doing it, so why not make a recommendation? If the request this link or write for this link so that you can get an established relationship. If a blogger is not very effective on his blog for interconnection, then he should accept some friendly advice.

    But sometimes

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  • ! some help!

    I suggest that if you do some keyword optimization page, preferably contains set keywords in the message header, and the main key is placed in front of the title part, to improve the ranking of search results, at the same time, the author also suggested that the keyword 3-5 is usually used around to look at the key words length, keywords short words with 5 similar words, keywords long words with three or so, the author of "the basic layout of this kind of method is included, well, more analysis of search engine, in fact even more friends to search the practice, I believe you will find more tips. 贵族宝贝 from Shanghai dragon welcome to reprint, exchange.

    of course, this is an analysis and speculation, because we can not accurately cast search engine, search engine can only correctly according to the standardized encoding of our web page. By observing the most ", we will find that many web pages are web page title optimization according to the above analysis, the main keywords in the title in front of a point, although the page rank and relevant keyword weights and is popular, but according to the search experience is the main keywords in the title in the title, write a left position, the search results will depend on the previous point, this is an indisputable fact, many websites such as the news page is the front headline in the page title, such as" the Shanghai accident _ Tencent news _ Tencent贵族宝贝 ", and there is such an arrangement" title "XX network _ Sports news _ Indy Car pileup accident", because the user’s goal is the title of the front part, and not to browse the website name, the user browsing experience, but also A good way.

    today opened the forum found that the site has changed into a stone from the simple form of Forum blog + Forum, and increased Shanghai Longfeng words in title, due to the discovery of a relatively late, the snapshot has been out believe that pay attention to the word of Shanghai Longfeng ranking people will know. Clearly this shows that the word Shanghai dragon competition has intensified, and then according to the original model is likely to be eliminated

    through the analysis of a period of time come to the preliminary conclusion that the web page title and keywords, there is a certain weight rating. For example, on the left of the title text more weight is higher, or simply search the page title text than on the front part of the title text page ranking than before, for example, has a web page titled "tea box, tin packaging, tin box, we search the three words when in the search engine web page ranking, is not the same, such as the search for" tea box "," on the home page will appear, and search "tin packaging" "tin box", will appear in the comparison on the page, so our analysis is not the main keywords in the title on the front, there will be the search rankings

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  • first, a new station on the line before the planning work. Before the planning work station of a company is very important, because the subsequent site structure, layout, URL details are pre planning and construction work, the author found that many companies were initially eager to make the site, and finally had to rework, causing the site cost and operational thinking is a very big impact, the planning is to set up the website specifically for the purpose of enterprises, according to the structure of different planning purposes of different websites to choose a different code in structure and access experience must be done.

    Finally, the author summarize,

    , website optimization are more focused on the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises, the author thinks that the basic knowledge of web design is very necessary to understand the full time Shanghai dragon Er, for the establishment and optimization of the separation of the work many times together, at the beginning of the online website carefully to optimize the work of deliberate thinking.

    fourth, website promotion is a continuous process we must adhere to the long time. Have a professional maintenance personnel promotion, we will continue to be adjusted and improved for the website, constantly adjust website details, through mutual cooperation we cooperate with each other, the entire site maintenance work lasting proceed, whether or Shanghai Longfeng site operation and maintenance work is a long process, we must put into execution first after a time, the cumulative, website weight is certainly rising, the follow-up will be Everfount for enterprises to bring accurate value target customers.

    third, select the appropriate operation and maintenance personnel to promote optimization. This time as the Shanghai dragon Er we must be very clear about the importance of the website operation. Shanghai dragon Er is the best at Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must through their own efforts to continuously enhance their enterprise value, let users find us through the Internet search engine, bring precise flow and high value for the enterprise users, then we need to build a strong maintenance team, such as the editor, the Commissioner of the chain the program, artists and personnel staff to the Shanghai dragon with a reasonable division of the collocation, the only way to really do the best to do solid work optimization.

    second, a website you provide those services for users. The website of each industry website like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, continue to emerge, and now as the enterprise website we must understand, what can bring value to the user. The service must be your industry’s own characteristics and the market demand, through the website to provide information valuable content for users, users receive the recognition and support of this is very important.

    as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel we must understand the purpose and significance of the construction site, many Shanghai dragon Er is a versatile talent, they are not optimized to do a kind of mold, enterprises need to site construction and planning when they often can take charge as chief of as weight Adsense, we need to understand the basic knowledge of the station?

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  • promise so much to the question:"

    Travel two days before

    as a webmaster most headaches is not the site is down right, website ranking from Shanghai home fell to love gone, encountered this kind of situation is not a webmaster is not distressed and anxious, because webmasters may not find a good website ranking, why came off, looking for no site is the cause of the K, but many sites will be K off It is without rhyme or reason. love Shanghai, or some other cheating by owners will do their own websites on the home but could not stay too long for K, the site was K love in Shanghai is not to punish you It is without rhyme or reason. website, as a a webmaster must have a plan for the worst, the worst is that you usually should be the K or no ranking reason to keep to maintain to discover whether the site has no other The safety factor, then we look at the problem of

    Beijing moving company the Shanghai Dragon City:

    , the site for two days without management, back to the first time management, but in second days to see, the website is completely in love with the sea K off, do not know what meaning, the site has not been linked to horse, no abnormal operation procedures are not malicious attacks, no brush, without deliberate optimization. Hope master Zhidianmijin, brother really vulnerable. Would you please explain the reasons and solutions.

    encountered problems according to the users, the website that the old domain, according to the users of the description we exclude the brush flow, excessive optimization, malicious attacks, have been linked to horse, these factors, I spent some time in Shanghai dragon city to find the users that the users of the website is a moving company the site, before the site has been ranked in the home page, the website optimization for users and those who do not know which factors would affect the search engine, in order to modify the title, the netizen said the website before the title that is not good enough, not domineering what, then go to modify the Title now, not too the two day ranking fell, the users also said that the weight or weight, should not be K, learned from the users in the mouth, he did not understand the Shanghai Dragon The basic knowledge, it is very dangerous, even before the site has been handed over to the others and their management, a Shanghai dragon have no knowledge of this, for a webmaster should not have the first error, since their own website, want to get some benefits from the Internet. You have to understand how to operate, maintain, Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, or website ranking is good, one day a problem if you are Pidianpidian to find others for help if they are not good, is likely to cheat, so this point is the net friend must pay attention.

    users encounter what!Netizen "

    first, the weights don’t Webmaster Tools query too >

    website ranking suddenly drop is not a site is the cause of the K, but for their search engine optimization is not the basis of knowledge.

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  • 6, click the "options" for the following selection of list mode "and" data link model "and" application "-" connection ";

    website right down topics:




    special chain optimization:

    industry: >

    : high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

    FlashFXP settings,

    final version crack

    4, and then click the "new site" button, enter the name of the site you love at the window pops up;


    keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

    solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked ]


    [to see the connection space directory; space, site program is to upload to the web directory to use

    Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: software; secondsThe website

    upload is successful, as follows:


    connection is successful; !

    user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience


    8 web, double click to enter the directory, select the options you want to upload the file directory on the left side, right click on the transmission can be uploaded to the


    7, the optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

    3, after the break, FlashFXP will once again start automatically, click (-> site; site manager), pop-up "site manager window;

    5, click "OK", the following interface. Enter your site address (IP address or alias address, username and password) FTP FTP, port number (Note: according to the management platform – host management has prompted [or open prompt] mail), click the "apply" button;

    2, run FlashFXP, registered software will pop up. Please select the input code, can crack the


    1, please download and install FlashFXP_4.1.8.1700-Special, click on the download: [FlashFXP_4.1.8.1700-Special]

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  • cosmetic industry as a special industry, a broad consumer market, competition among each other, resulting in many enterprises to pave the way to enhance brand awareness, increase sales and benefit. This one, for the cosmetics brand website construction is favored by many enterprises. Although we have set foot in website construction of the cosmetics industry, but the construction quality is uneven in quality. Some very successful, but some decline, not a good use of cyber source, not only waste a lot of manpower and resources, and there is no effect. Xiaobian summary, we will be in the website construction problems encountered in the process of sharing experience and suggestions as follows:

    good people, not necessarily the kind mentioned will think of you. Corresponding to the cosmetics website construction above, we need to focus on screening what keywords what keywords we need is easy to show, and the search records. For example, we search for "mild skin care", the website interface information of thousands on thousands of links, that is not to say, the light is in front of the site, the key words are "mild skin care", for our new website, let the words "gentle skin care" that is difficult to row up. What is the good way to let our website information row up? This requires a detailed analysis of the keyword search rankings, we can refer to the relevant keywords ranking tools for >

    Of course, there are many

    digital cube again today to share the experience in the construction site. This is the theme of "optimization techniques" cosmetics website construction, hoping to engage in the construction site of the cosmetics industry bring help.



    cosmetics website optimization techniques

    1. in the search engine search keywords to search information on our website

    causes this phenomenon that the weight of your site keywords ranking is not high, low or no search engine search records your website information. Usually the new construction sites often need some time to let the love of Shanghai and other search engines to "know", "observe" your website is not necessarily immediately found recorded your website information, this is what we call "observation period". "Observation period" is inevitable, but the length of time, we do not have this tangle, focuses on the following contents, selection and construction site keywords. Key words can be said to be the soul of the construction site, it has always been throughout the site. Keywords image point is like a person’s characteristics, such as to shape the characteristics of a person is good, it should reflect the good. Help the old lady cross the street, patience and so on small animal, corresponding to the site keywords is relevant information, the emergence of. Let people leave your good impression as to the search engine "remember" your site keywords "impression", so in the course of time, when people talk about good, will think of that person; and when the search keywords, will show you the website information. It is a truth, such knowledge is easy to understand we should understand it.


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  • ZhengzhouThe increase of

    injuryThe compensation lawyer

    long tail word drainage increase keywords other high index, this method is often used in the large platform website, if reasonable to meet the requirements of optimization love Shanghai website design, then all rankings are so successful, because it is reasonable on the keywords ranking, just a few times to make some no index or low index words on the front page, which is the site of the reasonable structure design benefits, if the site weight high so that the last words are not index with extreme ease things, dozens of the index and the one hundred index are more than ten times can click on the index of word will be with the other the word ranking also followed up.

    Zhengzhou lawyer

    injury lawyer

    related injuries

    example: identification of labor inductrial injury accident, the sentence contains a number of industrial injury, work-related word, keyword optimization of these key system would promote the work-related rankings. This is the long tail word to main keywords ranking, if

    some websites only one month’s time to weight 2, but some stations all constantly updated content to do some useless work does not rank it, that is because to do things are relatively small, you send a chain, one effective drainage 100 times, you do update others a can send an effective use of user information, and send a video to five stable keywords ranking in the first place, because all users love to find things, users find the content they want to search through the continuous nature of your website will go up. Figure


    rights large number of long tail word

    labor injury

    Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian interpretation of rapid ranking technology is a skill of things, if you don’t understand and can learn from others, of course, rapid ranking method are many, are some technology and software code. For example, fast ranking some long tail word, only a lawyer how much money can be first. This is the long tail word of good drainage, but also the benefits of the original article.

    website ranking is a process of the first stage, some words row up other words will usually have to do with it, and found some long tail word mining, timely find and >

    is very difficult on the ranking in the early time, it is because your website optimization is not ready, how could there be a ranking, said home based optimization that must start from the fundamental place. Early is the first to do website design and website planning, want to let love Shanghai feel your website OK, it should start from the requirements of Shanghai love.

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  • most of us can know to Shanghai dragon as the rational interspersed repeated keywords. Here I focus to introduce the relevant reading plate, reading plays a very role: to improve the center of the page keyword density.

    case: love Shanghai love Shanghai product library, in addition to the title of the article, behind only four words "love of Shanghai library". The more literal title appears in the title has nothing to do with the weight, the lower the title belongs to.

    2, popular and recognized


    page keywords appear


    with the user’s attention. The interaction shows what? That is, interact with users interested in things. Two, interact with rich user experience. Now in the network into the 2 era, the 2 is the largest network of interactive features. I think the search engine will also consider in this regard. After the search engine, below I share the inside pages of the website to improve specific skills, and to explain the case.

    times 2, improve the

    many friends engaged in Shanghai Longfeng experienced in the search engine keywords website ranking, most will look into the web page ranking, how to make a web page in the search engine ranking the first page of the forefront? Here I am with you for my share of. Before you speak and skills, but also to all the three aspects about the importance of the search engine.

    The interaction of

    search engine has been pay attention to user experience, user search "Ji’nan SMS which good results search out all is not what I want to search information, or search out the information quality is not good, this is the" user experience is not good". Therefore, the search engine has been done in the "adjustment" and "small adjustment". "Want to provide search results" – I think it will be a search engine platform has been trying to target users search precision. From this, I believe that any one search engine platform will be abandoned search users.

    1, title in addition to reduce unnecessary statement heading outside appear.

    3, visitors interactive function of

    a lot of people are welcome, recognition of things, we can think that he is the probability of good stuff is very large. This is the search engine "quality". If an article published in the original site, by multiple sources of news, forums, blogs and so on network media outlets, we can not think so: the original article had been repeatedly reproduced, because this article is of very high quality, very valuable. Search engine is to determine the value of this. So for the original article. "Reprinted the chain" more, search engine will think this article value is high, heavy weight will be higher.



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  • Marie-Lynn Richard recently published an article introduces some practice examples of content optimization of social networking sites. This article is to choose the Yierlai translation. Please read the text.

    and this is shared via Flipboard news, Flipboard has completely ignored the modern potters Eva Zeisel videos, and call the news author Adam Flaherty photo.

    spend a little time to consider your publication selection of pictures, and then spend a little time to think of the brand you write text. You know when people share and spread your content, related pictures and text will be machine identification and analysis, it is important that Facebook allows you to control these different elements to make your content more attractive and more efficient communication.

    not only need for social networking sites such as Facebook content optimization, also need to consider the emergence of content aggregation services such as Flipboard, Pulse or FLUD etc.. Whether it is for sharing or content aggregation, need to know the importance of optimization methods and content, otherwise there will be the case below.

    The importance of

    shown in the message, the content analysis of Facebook tools will be the first one to inappropriate image recognition in text: a funeral logo.

    network content makes people website content optimization correct maximum flow, content optimization has become an important part for the optimization of search engine crawlers. With the rise of social networking sites, in order to better share and exchange, content optimization is also carried out.

    for sharing software, the title of the most easy to identify and collect information. You want to share "< title> tag must contain a header information. The title is less than 66 characters with a noticeable amount of information words. In social media > is the following

    the following is a good example of this, in a message inside the title, maintain the consistency of text and pictures. But then you will see other examples show that not all released can do the same.



    below mentioned practices and known as the Shanghai dragon, purpose is to increase message appeal and consistency, to improve the content in the spread of influence.


    content optimization

    Title: source code < title>

    Tags how to do?Similar to the

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