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  • chart: capital winter mobile market "focus" regression rational development

    to make money?After the

    in the network to make money, whether you are a webmaster, or shop manager, a good website hopes to build their own website can bring profit, but to their website, built after the wait alone is not making money, or need to work, website ranking, website promotion cannot do without you the publicity, but to promote the money, and not every webmaster, the manager has so much money to promote their own websites, so what to do, how to make your own website

    website, must not take whatever state, as a new station, at the head of a building after a good month, take care, be included in the search engine is a big thing, the new station being included in the search engine, is not to say that all sites are stable, in fact, search engines an assessment period, you need to in the assessment period, the site management of their own good, take good care of children, don’t walk, you let him jump, but do not let the children directly destroyed, this is a loss.

    to build a new station, not on the same day, the month can bring profits, we need to have a patient on the site, on the site of the profit time need a location, generally 3 months to half a year in profits, rather than 1,2 days, because to do so, can make you feel not tired, with plenty of time to manage their own website, can use the spare time to the website details, site through the assessment period after the formal operation, see their position in the search engine, if the position back does not matter, we can use other ways to make web site profit.

    capital winter to promote rational development of the market, more focused on

    360 mobile phone assistant data show that from October 2015 to June 2016, except in February due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday of the new APP number fluctuations, to March new APP immediately climbed to the highest peak, while the other each month add APP number to maintain the upward trend. Mobile applications market is still unlimited heat, as the user demand continues to upgrade, more vertically classified APP into the application market, increasing the number of applications APP market, while enriching the user’s choice.

    The impact of

    green book on the domestic mobile Internet trends made a periodic summary, but also released a large number of internal core data. Worthy of attention is that mobile Internet entrepreneurs, with the escalating demand for users, even if the capital winter has not blocked the enthusiasm of developers, vertical fine classification APP has become the user and capital favorite.

    encourage innovation and entrepreneurship horn still ringing, mobile Internet business is still hot, and for 2016 entrepreneurs, to determine the status and trends of the industry is the most important. The day before, Android mobile phone application of China’s largest distribution platform 360 mobile phone assistant officially released the "2016 Chinese APP mobile phone industry in the first half of the green book trend" hereinafter referred to as the "green book", for entrepreneurs, is tantamount to a gospel.

    audio-visual audio-visual category fully open entertainment

    according to the green book, the first half of 2016 on the audio CD APP strong performance in the first half of downloads over social communication and won a live APP for the classification of software downloads add a fire, clearly illustrates the application of the market to the entertainment began to change. In addition, the audio-visual audio-visual class APP beyond communication social class APP another reason is that the industry began to focus on film and television copyright, each video APP has attractive enough content to attract users to download the exclusive content


    According to the

    graph: mobile applications market overall enthusiasm is not reduced, more vertical classification of APP into the application market

    we can use free resources to let consumers know more or less established new sites, such as sh419 know the answers, although sh419 is not connected with the answer, you can put the link into your web site name, and in your web site keywords, don’t forget your website name inside. So your site is the one and only when people search the web site, as long as you normally included by search engines, others included, in addition to the little promotion website, your site must be in the first place, then, to bring you a daily flow of not less than 300, the flow is a number very impressive for a new station, you can also in other forums, blog to promote their site, so every day your site traffic will not only less than 500. If you keep on doing this, your website will get better and better.


    generally speaking, good website ranking and website to make money is not the inevitable relationship, website ranking is not good also can make money, as long as you make good use of resources, find some advantage, do the thing you should do, put your site management, you will find that the money is not a a very difficult thing, the ranking of a website does not end all.

    capital has cooled some of the "overheating" categories of APP and has made the market more focused. The APP class contains hot new areas and new project proportion rose significantly, convenient life kind of new APP ratio is high, but by the environmental impact of capital, since 16 years, tends to be "cool", the new proportion decreased. Contains personalized information news reading & including video live audio-visual audio-visual classes and educational studies, including K12 education, touted by the market, the number of new APP accounted for, or the most obvious.

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  • fish and bear’s paw can not be used in the industry, Shanghai dragon in suits. The simplest example is FLASH to increase the page visual experience has a strong impetus, but in the spider there are not any love, not only love, but will let the spider in limbo, not to identify all the information on the video. Not only that, adding FLASH and other dynamic picture will make the website loading speed down, once the site open speed is too slow, will affect the user experience, but on the other hand, the addition of FLASH will increase the user experience to a certain extent, so it is difficult to choose. Sometimes this tangled situation occurs frequently in the process of our website optimization, then we need to take on the strategy to make some adjustments, you want to improve your keywords ranking can increase keyword density, but.


    remember when I just contact Shanghai Longfeng, understanding of it is just what method can make the website optimization, website ranking, what method is king. Not to consider other issues, to be honest, I have used keywords accumulation, bridge and other techniques, but every time the love Shanghai updates are back, this is no longer the use of these methods. But the effect is not really ideal, because even if I put my site to do the first page, website bounce rate is very high, not to mention the conversion rate. Then I will cause in the careful thinking about the problem, then the 2011 love Shanghai update gave me a hint that the user experience. What is our ultimate objective is to do website optimization? Ranking or profit? No, is the user! We do the final purpose of all this is to improve user stickiness, no user access, web site optimization do best is no good, no use! So we do in Shanghai dragon before, must be clear. That is everything from the user.

    Shanghai dragon to consider both sides

    Shanghai Longfeng nature of

    is the user

    at the beginning of this article, we’ll look at a text, "since 1994, first appeared in the Chinese Internet international export after the development of network in the China can definitely use" lightning "to describe, an annual increase of the number of tens of thousands of websites, the number of net Chinese also showed J growth, by the end of 2011, China’s net has 500 million, Internet penetration rate of 58%, has formed a huge power network." Look at this, we are not too deep.

    do not say anything else, just say in their own side of the case, you can feel the credibility of this number. Now friends, either part-time or professional, more or less have a website in the business, while the Shanghai dragon is everybody each conversation must mention the word, and we understand the word for the change from the beginning of the optimization for a deeper understanding of the fact that the site do Shanghai Longfeng is not only a technical work, this there also exists the height of thought.

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  • (2) after removing no notice

    this is almost a lot of Shanghai dragon will encounter problems, we talked to a site exchange links, then check, confirm the Links location above link has been placed in the other site, but we have a few days to check, and No. The purpose of doing so, I summed up what may be the following two reasons:

    at the beginning of my career, my brother is now the boss Zhou Ping Yip’s embroidery method taught me, although we have not used, but this is indeed exist. Such links generally look carefully, it is easy to be found, as long as the other open source code, the search engine’s own website URL, if not found, but the page does exist, then your website must be in the JS code. Love Shanghai search engine optimization guide which will have such a:

    2, using JS code to call the Links

    we exchange links, this website may weight was also good, with my website quality was equivalent exchange. But later, my website weight is up, so check the link, I will more than poor quality links directly to delete or put the page in the "Links", while the other they maintain their own website, then this site still. This phenomenon is quite common, each website has, for us this is an unexpected surprise. Such links as I said in the first reason that is very good for the link, link exchange first see each other website weight is the stability of second links, both of which are indispensable.

    1, on the chain after deleting

    four, exchange links cheating

    (1) wide net nature of the cheat link

    every website link position is limited, but also want to get a lot of Web site links, then they will take a deceptive means, is a large number of sites to exchange links with others, then the quality worse than their own web site links to delete. Some sites in Shanghai Longfeng did not check the link habit, or simply their own website is not how to maintain, so this website is very easy to move, there will be more and more one-way links obtained in the course of time. I have to check their operation sites, will be more or less there is such a site link, I deleted them, but did not inform each other, so the link exists all the time, until they close the site no longer renew. Although such links are of poor quality, but the stability is good, so I can still give a good website weight.

    < >

    yesterday I introduce some routine for the exchange Links site and exchange links with the target site, today we continue to exchange yesterday Links topic, let’s talk about the exchange links of some commonly used means of cheating.

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  • as the saying goes: not conscience, afraid of ghosts knocking at the door. Since the love of Shanghai will be in the second half of the white paper and a wide range of implementation to crack down on the low quality of the web site, so if your web pages of high quality, can ignore the white paper, do not have to worry about the contents of the white paper will have an impact on your website. However, if your web page quality is low and very low, I have suggested the webmaster to do some processing, so the second half will be subjected to love Shanghai right down. In fact, so far, there has been a business, B2B, education, talent, real estate owners advisory A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team, and some customer sites in our Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/? Hz) service found that web site is down right or website weight does not put up the reason most of all, because of low quality web pages, thus causing "quality impact on the website how ah. Of course, also suggested that the website drop right and website weight do not come up the webmaster advisory A5 webmaster and Shanghai dragon team, we can help you solve problems and troubles.


    from the near period of time can see the love of Shanghai released a "love" sea search quality white paper "is the webmaster of the transfer is to raise a Babel of criticism of the white paper, There were many discussions. Some owners said that the white paper appeared so that they can not do website content, some owners said that the white paper is the emergence of so that they can survive the rhythm, and webmaster said the white paper appears to make the Internet information has been cleaned. Of course, whether it is good or bad, the white paper is very important for the webmaster and Internet, because the white paper appears to make most of the webmaster website for users to show the most valuable and helpful content, increased a luster to the internet.

    Love official news release of "love" the sea search quality white paper "is love Shanghai web search a major change in strategy, and in the second half of this year will focus on the implementation of three aspects of content, quality, web browsing experience on the site and the accessibility of web page quality score if the quality of the site in these three areas is very low, so the site will be subject to the punishment of the Shanghai love. However, from the current point of view, love Shanghai white paper released in mid May, not on all sites, only on the part of large website implementation, so that love Shanghai for most of the webmaster is a shot shot, or pages for low quality web site to install a bomb, if lower the quality of the site is not likely to make a deal, next month will turn you down the right site.

    for now, many website owners are beginning to confound, for white paper is frightened, for fear of their own website in a night in the second half of the Shanghai love right down. So, here I want to tell the webmaster, Shanghai white love role >

    According to the Shanghai

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  • exchange Links is a headache for many new sites, not only because of the change to the link. Now Links exchange point gradually from the noble baby PR into Shanghai and included love. But even so, choose Links still has certain reference standard.

    fourth, Shanghai

    first, the noble baby PR value

    love station network, created the Shanghai love weight value of this thing, it can predict the flow of Shanghai love keywords valuation and 3 pages ranking, the weights of the website description is very intuitive, can serve as a reference for key exchange links.

    seventh, Shanghai love weight value


    fifth, YAHOO trans

    to PR out of love, as if Shanghai snapshot has become synonymous with love Shanghai weight, I personally don’t think a snapshot of the new station will certainly have a high weight, love Shanghai new snapshot of the station can give priority to, but the snapshot is only for reference.

    eighth, keywords ranking

    chain mainly to anchor text links, chain YAHOO is more valuable than the love of Shanghai chain. Keywords and anchor text can directly affect the ranking.

    is a website ranking weights reflect, in general the home keywords are ranked, most can search the long tail of the title to the website weight is. It is not recommended to exchange.

    love Shanghai love Shanghai chain related domain exchange links, not a lot of people as a reference, but we can see a love Shanghai related domain to judge the website promotion.

    chain of love

    included site, often nobility baby than love Shanghai, we can know more love love Shanghai not duplicate pages, so a website need to take into account the love love Shanghai included Shanghai and Shanghai included rate included the amount of love, love the sea included theory and edit articles is proportional to the number, and the collected rate and love Shanghai the original proportion. The editor and the large amount of small sites included rate is not recommended because this exchange website weight is not high.

    third, Shanghai

    said that although the noble baby PR value for a long period of time is no longer updated, but the PR value is still the old station weights reflect. The domain name more than 2 years of its website, the PR value will be relatively stable, but also can reflect the level of its relative weight. Therefore, exchange links if you stand PR4, then you better and more than 2 of the station to change the link. If your station is PR1, the other is PR5, then the other side will not go bad. If your site is new sites, so PR can not be used as a reference standard.

    100 thousand in the station to see if there is value, after 100 thousand ranking is ignored.

    second, love Shanghai included

    sixth, Alexa ranked

    YAHOO snapshot of love

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  • as a business, make money on what? Of course rely on publicity and promotion, with the changing times, the Internet era has been dominating the state very few enterprises have a trend which cannot be halted, but also through advertising to distribute leaflets posted publicity, because most users are transferred to the Internet, many enterprises also focused on the rich Internet change unpredictably, hit the auction, no money to do Shanghai Longfeng publicity, so Shanghai dragon Er more and more, to small business owners, individual owners, are engaged in Shanghai Longfeng heat, numerous casualties, marketing done well is few, according to Cen Huiyu below, how should enterprises do Shanghai Dragon to express my own views.

    , enterprises will choose Shanghai Longfeng way to promote

    ? ?The 3. leader enterprise

    1. do lose money: many enterprises chose the Shanghai dragon, is nothing more than a fancy low price, high stability, not subject to peer traffic attack advantage, so he moved to Shanghai dragon promotion, Shanghai dragon will want to borrow, remember before and a friend talked to their company’s official website daily price promotion expenses about 500-1200 yuan a month, down to ten thousand or twenty thousand, the conversion rate is not ideal, although not to lose money, but after deducting the promotion expenses, the amount of money is a bit awkward, so spent ten thousand yuan please a Shanghai Dragon Phoenix God, a few months later, the Shanghai Dragon God was not only saving promotion have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. The cost of a large, conversion rate is up, income is about to rise from 10000 to 25000; compared to some enterprises, the employment is bold The maximum return on the enterprise, now think of a lot of hard work in the enterprise is still Shanghai dragon Er, are not reused, with the bottom of the monthly income, who will fight to the enterprise to work hard


    4. of Shanghai Longfeng know >

    2. "follow the crowd" people do make money I do: many companies have with the habit of seeing others do the Shanghai dragon ranking to make money, they sit and stare at someone else’s site, see yipaidatui, wistfully, had an idea: do one with them as the website to promote. Then stare at others, others think that the effect is so good, you no effect, then go online to consult some of this kind of Shanghai dragon master, not a few enterprises, the lack of Shanghai Dragon Technology and layout thinking, how can mimic the success of

    decision: some business leaders have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, so think through combat to promote the enterprise sales, if some better understanding of Shanghai dragon, if half a bucket of water do not lead, the estimated effect for a period of time to give up, or ask a person to Shanghai Dragon do, but in the end still let the optimization of personnel in accordance with his way to do, resulting in nothing to do, put the blame left to optimize personnel, said the United States: my decision is no problem, your operation is a problem, you go back and study again to work.


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  • has been a lot of people do Shanghai, ask a question, if not the chain of words, is not? On this issue, said a small case, when I was in Shanghai, a program to do a number of colleagues love Shanghai more than 4 of the weight of the site, but not outside chain. The approach is very simple, that is to do with the names of some animation website home page, a station of a cartoon film, what I remember most is the "secret" and "one hundred thousand joke", at that time did not have any competitors, ranking are all very good. But now, rankings are not, because of various external reasons……

    first, not now perhaps no future. Now we can actually find a new station in Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, from the search perspective, new credibility is far lower than that of the old station, due to the "ranking difficult" lead SPAM infestation, further weakening the search for new trust, after the new station can not do, but periodically will variable length, the effect will be slow. To speak from the perspective of user communication, an old station may get more resources, such as the Shanghai dragon as an example, there is no new will come out of the Shanghai dragon stable keywords ranking, why? Because the old station has the audience base, but some bloggers do recommend what the link that will point to the old station, a new station instead of you. In the content, the herd effect maybe later will emerge, such as when a user releases the information, we found a rule, if the content of high quality and low quality content, people often give some Authority Station (the old station) to deliver high quality, and for the lack of authority of the station (mostly is new) release quality low, in this.

    Shanghai dragon have competition, perhaps a lot of people do not want to admit this reality, but the reality is cruel and exists, we must face the. Because the reality of the existence, when you do not, do not represent the opponent will not do, then you will fall behind in some aspects. Shanghai Longfeng ranking is relatively easy to fly straight, occupy in front of strong opponents before, but now most of the time is the Jedi counterattack, the opponent has appeared but also Everfount appears, what makes you in before the opponent? So if your industry in the face of fierce competition or will enter the competition before the Shanghai dragon may do the thinking, what to do in the future……

    is a successful case of de Shanghai dragon is also the case, not to say how you rank now, but what will you do after. For example, now to give you a successful case, what are you most concerned about data is good or good ranking ranking factors, whether can after stability or can quickly see the effect? Different people have different ways of thinking, but also in the Shanghai dragon successful display. For example, my colleagues do the station was very good, but the potential risks, so that others will do so, I will try to dissuade, because starting from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the best Shanghai, I think it is necessary to consider 2 aspects of the long-term and now.

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  • 2 in the hosts document for ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 records, and IP addresses will be revised to


    4 hosts document to save and exit.

    No ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 record of how

    special note: this method by Sina micro-blog users @ flying pig in March 30th 00:06 the first time. Thank you for flying pigs.

    5 clear your browser cache, and close the exit.

    Analytics cannot access the March 29th noble baby, white part of user access. The main reason is to provide CSS file resources for the GA ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝 domain was a wall blocking. If you encounter this problem, please according to the following steps to solve.


    6 re landing noble baby Analytics.


            贵族宝贝 noble baby -analytics-white-screen-problem-solution.html

    3 hosts document, please add the following records directly.

    1 C:Windows System32 drivers in etc use Notepad to open the hosts document. ssl.gstatic贵族宝贝


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  • in the web site update process, many sites have to pay special attention to whether the search engine can be included, so the original requirements of content is very high, update the original content to the search engine, can reach more than 90% included, however, the original in the user’s mind, satisfaction is not so high! So, in the original comparison to work under the premise, to maintain a certain degree of daily updates, in addition, the excellent content and relevant web content can also be put on the website, however, such content must be careful in the comprehensive comparison in choice, choose a good article also spend a lot of time and energy however, from the perspective of the user experience, the gold content of this higher.

    user is new, it is precisely because of this, any product launch time, are seeking to attract users selling, although many of the attractions are not suitable for users, however, does not apply to the user is not applicable, but love to show off in the comparison, a little stronger than similar products. Is one of the many users decide to purchase conditions. The website is constantly updated in the process should pay attention to the most fundamental point is that too much for material and forget the needs of users, although say true sense, but don’t forget, when the real needs of users, in fact, their requirements are very simple, far less complex


    is a good novel, there is always the day after, when reading this novel, readers want to see second times, in the short term is a very difficult thing, holding a mobile phone more love of Internet news, serialized in the novel, and do not want to see the download novels, the fundamental reason in the network every day in release more news, which is an important source of gossip among colleagues, and those relatively outdated temporarily do not need the place for a while, so there is time to see! This is the new user psychology at work, as can be imagined, why many sites in the optimization process, the content of the website will be as one of the most important work every day to update

    will be excellent content to settle down, will the new content continue to show in front of the user, website content update, an important link.

    !The !

    "Bo Long public", is one of the important ways to update website content, in the collection of such articles as a content update, should pay attention to two points, one should have a degree, not too much to the quality of acquisition, and the absolute high, users love, two is the site updated content is not necessarily high quality content is durable, choose the best 5-10 website, selective collection.

    update, search engine is also so constantly improve themselves, take love Shanghai, love Shanghai love Shanghai library is a good product, now love Shanghai library can be found almost any desired content, love Shanghai news source is daily updated with the latest news, it is said that to the news the contents of the source with a certain amount of attention and click, not just what news can the news source

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  • two: flow station core keywords optimization strategy 1: first determine the target keywords, is generally about three, then these words to write a web page title and Keywords tag, and then from each column appropriate increase of the three target keyword density

    6: the establishment of long tail keywords network strong through the release of relevant content, usually Shanghai dragon is to test the patience of the article, published a few long tail words every day, can effectively improve the site traffic conversion rate, the turnover rate is usually the enterprise station to complete through the long tail word

    3: the home page columns on as much as possible some target keywords, such as the lathe for example, such as increased several columns is Beijing Beijing lathe lathe knowledge, price and so on, so as to enhance the weight of home page


    2: the increase of primary and secondary navigation website, let the anchor text relevant keywords to the home page, and Paul >


    : Enterprise Station core keywords optimization strategy 1: enterprises will usually have two to three words as the core keywords, is usually associated with the company’s products, before optimization must be combined with a love of Shanghai index, to analyze these words the degree of competition, or through these words in love of Shanghai. Search, if many do Jingjia rankings, so the word of the competition is very big, is very difficult to do on the home page, so it is necessary to display in the core keywords choice, through the analysis of the long tail words to obtain competitive advantage! The future is also easier to obtain the precise flow of

    2: if the enterprise website is the goal of the main marketing areas, so it can increase the area in the main keywords, for example, you have to do is lathe keywords, and marketing target is Beijing, then you can use the word Beijing lathe as keywords, thereby greatly reducing the difficulty of the competition at the same time. The conversion rate will increase the number of

    4: in the bottom of the website and the footer of a line that also want to add the target keywords, and can also use these keywords do link to the target page, each page footer should be the same, so you can make web page can transfer to the home page, do not appear dead, help the search engine the spider crawling smoothly on the website

    ! ! !

    5: add a new column, such as the establishment of a two level directory of the blog or BBS, Links: baby swimming 贵族宝贝 according to your industry, choose a different way, must choose the two directory, do not use the two level domain, and then use the target anchor text keywords the Lord of the domain name, the purpose of the program is to be released and target keywords related content, let the content inside more relevant keywords and target keywords to anchor text to the home page, usually on the same page, as long as the target keywords add a anchor text on the line, not too much!


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