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is now almost no matter whether the size of the store is large or small, will install monitoring, which has almost become a common practice in the industry. Why do you want to install monitoring, in general, the role of monitoring is to prevent and security, in some places may also be open to the customer as a work transparency. In our retail business, the main role is to reduce disputes. Inevitably encounter this kind of embarrassed thing in the daily operation, and each store more or less there will be some security risks, the installation of surveillance cameras can reduce the loss to a minimum. Monitoring through the network, no matter where you can control the property in the palm of the hand. Monitoring is the necessity of social development, monitoring the personal safety and property safety of the binding together.

anti error: monitoring to make more than a security

retail business, will face the same life every day, but also with a variety of skills to win over customers, especially more intuitive is the spoken language and body language, these heavy repetitive work, inevitably forget the payment or change, but suddenly encountered errors, not high quality customers or is more acute sub customers will dispute or quarrel, this is not a retail households own quality problems, this is the work pressure and fatigue caused by long-term results.

remember that one time, I came to a shop with a child to the woman, she is also an old customer, so everyone in the middle of the shopping from time to time to chat a few words. Checkout, I vaguely remember that she gave me fifty yuan, but the other said it was to give me $one hundred, but this time it came to a lot of customers, maybe I really remember it, for the first time when the one hundred yuan to find her.

later I think is wrong, then check the video playback, watching the video of the scene, she is determined to fifty yuan, so I put the video on the other exists in U. After a few days, she has not appeared, but almost every day to see the child, my husband and I as a professional ethics, never mentioned in front of the child.

do not know how long after, the woman finally appeared, I treat her to buy things when the end of the account, the video open, clearly play out the scene so that she can not refute. This case shows that retail surveillance can avoid unnecessary arguments, effectively restore some of the losses caused by negligence. Of course, this passive approach is because I am convinced that the woman lived around me, if she was just a passing word, everything is impossible.

: anti stealing monitoring let people have an ulterior motive stopped

at the beginning of March this year, we opened a new store, the store will give her husband. Often purchase, I was in the old store unified purchase, and then sent to the new store. That day I was also used to be old

underwear is a woman’s personal clothing, underwear, women would rather spend a high price to buy, so open a brand underwear shop is very profitable. How about opening an underwear store? How to operate underwear store? The following is a good way to share your underwear shop.

how to run a lingerie store? Underwear underwear products how to do unique? Underwear style must be unique, fashionable style, in order to attract more customers. Open a lingerie shop, if you want to make money, you can go to the direction of the development of high-end. Underwear store guests, spending power is relatively strong, lingerie store purchase Raiders, hoping to wear a unique style. Hong Kong, Han, European goods has become the focus of their procurement targets.

one boss procurement to several single – two clothes, after back to the shop just to hang out on the sold out, although the procurement of clothing purchase price is very expensive, but each is only about 35, sold no, new and unique style as his magic weapon.

update is very important for the new type of underwear products, always give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, so the old people will naturally be eliminated, novice to master the lingerie store transformation, and the new style can bring you huge returns, not every new style, need to keep up with the pace of social renewal fashion, "change Dynasties" to identify.

how to run a lingerie store? Underwear store to grasp a principle: in the underwear industry for the first time must be less! Test the underwear industry and the surrounding environment, the direction of flow of people, goods style and consumption habits, peer competition and mutual support, consumption ability and commodity price positioning, for example, the novice to master the lingerie store transformation, near the school, is certainly some trendy, fashion underwear shop can consider buying back rate higher the number of. In the market, you can still sell your goods, the profit is guaranteed.


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now with women for their own quality constantly improve, most women underwear as something important, the choice is particularly attention, petty beauty franchise the brand underwear is good, consumers and entrepreneurs alike, small capital chain of the brand underwear beauty master move women’s underwear market, open the advantage, investors can refer to the reference.

underwear store list, to join the brand underwear good? Petty beauty underwear? The first is famin children underwear rely on quality, product quality is the fundamental market transactions, only to ensure the quality of products to meet consumer requirements, in order to win repeat customers, attract consumers to the two consumer. Of course, in addition to the quality of the beauty lingerie store to work hard, but also to strengthen the terminal management, in the market to maintain the unity of product quality.

good service is a small beauty underwear store firm approach, as the saying goes, there is no bad sell products, only those who do not sell products. Among them, the "people" service plays a very critical role. When consumers buy buy not only products, but in the experience of a service, understand the real needs of consumers, to promote products according to their actual needs, rather than simply waiting for consumers to ask or not to introduce. Furthermore, consumers can not be too enthusiastic or cool

petty beauty underwear store shop mainly has the good faith management idea, honesty is the basic professional moral, to be old, what are the disadvantages and problems to truthfully tell consumers, after all, nothing is perfect in every respect, honesty is a foundation and make money.

the last point is petty beauty underwear store sales in the off-season or store the lack of popularity, methods can be taken, such as eye-catching banners campaign, price and profit, gifts gifts, sweepstakes and other methods for famin children underwear store attracted a part of people.

is an industry with many years of experience in underwear brand strength, petty beauty franchise the brand underwear, always adhere to constant innovation, continuous development, a few small said above, verification can be very good, as investors choose to say, petty beauty underwear joining business is a good choice.


business said, "good". And whether this is true or not, but if we can often do some good deeds, small acts of kindness may also bring a big return, so that a better business. In this paper, the introduction of such a case is very clear that this point, below, let us come to know.

11 at the beginning of the day, the sky snowflakes, a more than and 60 year old woman in the shop after the wife asked her husband: "great nephew, you sell gloves? I’m cleaning out. It’s freezing." Her husband was wearing thin clothes worn sanitation work, ask, know she is a new residential cleaning staff. She looked at the red with cold hands, husband moved suddenly sympathy: "aunt, I have a lot of their own home, you don’t buy, buy you a pair!" "Great nephew, thank you very much, you are a good man, and now you are not as good as." The mother-in-law took the gloves and thanked her.

husband told me about the matter, and I not take it seriously. A pair of old gloves, give it to those who need to help her out of the cold, very good, not worth mentioning.

a few days later, I had forgotten about it. This time, because the sales volume increased, the waste paper box poured a lot, and waste collection because people are rarely out of the acquisition of the cold. The house is full of goods, I pour out the waste paper box did not place, looking at the accumulation of waste paper box, I worry, do not throw money, my mom will be angry, but also wasted. Do not throw, I sort them every day, they have to die.

when I am upset again and again toss these boxes, the mother-in-law appeared: "big niece, you waste paper box is no place to put?" "Well, there’s no place to go." "So, you weigh, while for me, I can help you to sell. I can not to make money, is your nephew very good man, that gave me my gloves……" Listen to her say so, my heart is full of moving, if she really can help me sell, really helped me a lot.

scrap prices continue to decline this year, a lot of waste collection because the money can not make, are diverted. Before the store poured out these scrap buyers eyes popular, now has already become a hot potato in No one shows any interest in, I call people have come to close, this not only has been bothering me during this period, I had become a daily operation in the heart. Now, some people take the initiative to help me solve, how can I not be grateful?

but the more I want to help my mother, I am more embarrassed, how can I have the heart to let a man of such a large age for my duty every day? Finally, a compromise, such as those sold to the buyer, so that she can make a difference. In this way, she can help me to get a little extra income every day when I sell the waste

discount is not unusual, nothing to a discount or vouchers back, but there is some restaurant dishes not only personal independence of conduct, innovation, and even the way of discount but also pay attention to the little rabbit out of the ordinary, pinch, if girls, must be birthday……

1, birthday send affordable

2, is a girl on the discount

3, is a fellow discount

here in the shop Roasted Whole Lamb great background, Inner Mongolia is not only the lamb of Boer goat, and in order to remove the smell of mutton, feed to add herbs store prepared, even drinking water in Inner Mongolia is the natural spring water, this "spoiled" sheep milk plus original store the closed oven technique, stunning is expected in the tender and delicious. In addition to roast lamb, the characteristics of Shandong Jiaodong seafood and traditional cuisine is delicious will point. Even more exciting is that you can also enjoy a rare roast fruit, Shandong wild vegetables and insect game, more mountain recommended

college students entrepreneurship, not only the lack of experience, the more critical is the lack of funds. In order to help more students to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the current national government officially launched the implementation of the college students to start a business plan, entrepreneurship training, special funds to support and other aspects of entrepreneurship.

Ministry of human resources and social security 30 news release, the Ministry of human resources and the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of finance, people’s Bank, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League before the date of notification, to start implementation of the students start to lead the program".

notice, to promote business students to adhere to government policy support and efforts of entrepreneurs combination, rational use of public resources, fully mobilize other social resources, stimulate innovation and vitality of students, leading to innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment.

through the implementation of the students start to lead the program, the students’ awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability to further enhance and support students’ entrepreneurship policy system and more perfect service system, government incentives entrepreneurship, social support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial college students the basic form, students start the scale, the proportion continues to expand and improve, and strive to target 2014 2017 800 thousand – lead the entrepreneurship of College students.

for college students lack of venture capital, the notice requires all over the country to provide multi-channel financial support. One is the small loans to implement policies to increase efforts to support entrepreneurial college students, simplify the procedures for counter guarantee, the guarantee fund to strengthen the functions of the independent guarantee, warranty period appropriate to extend the guarantee fund, bank loans and the implementation of the financial discount, focusing on college students to absorb more start-ups.

two is to give full play to the role of special funds for the development of small and medium enterprises, more support for college students venture entity. The three is to encourage enterprises, industry associations, NGOs and other angel investors in a variety of ways to provide financial support to entrepreneurship students, set up key support for entrepreneurship and venture capital angel investment fund. To support the early enterprise investment, according to the provisions of the income tax incentives or other policy incentives. Four is the gradual integration of the existing employment and entrepreneurship fund for various types of college graduates, improve the management system and operational mechanism, to provide support for college students entrepreneurial entities.

notice also to solve the problem of college students starting business places heavy burden, lack of experience and other issues raised the work requirements.

The "

national implementation of the students start to lead the plan, not only to help the students how to succeed in business, but also for college students venture establishments burden problem provides solutions, let students start traveling light.

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venture risk, investment need to be cautious. So everyone wants to start a business, but also worried about the risk of entrepreneurial process. So how can we reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, reduce business risk which three ways? In the rising cost of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial risk today, many entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs who intend to face a lot of pressure. How to reduce business risk? The author and many entrepreneurs in the exchange and consulting found that those who are successful entrepreneurs tend to have the following three ways to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, access to new growth.

before starting a business must have a comprehensive understanding of

on industry market environment

if you just enter the field of automobile sales, so it could be a cup, car sales this year of continuous decline, in addition to some high-end models, the whole industry is in decline in the channel, in some places the 4S shop has started to lose money dumped goods to boost sales.

now some of Shanxi coal bosses put money into some high-tech industries, such as pharmaceuticals, perhaps this is a trend, but the funds for the advantage of the consortium can do with technology intensive industries, it also requires careful evaluation.

select industry trend is to choose the future, even if in the traditional industries are also to be innovative:

as today we see innumerable small businesses, are difficult problems and complain about the same, but 35 years after what would happen? Perhaps 35 years can not see the gap, but a few decades later, how much of these small companies can make big business? What is the role of small firms in the middle of big business?


2008 in the Department of Hon Hai arising from the financial crisis and the challenges of the economic downturn, Terry Gou again returned from retirement plan, plan two coming again to work 15 hours a day, the energy to 59 year old old guard. 2009 semi annual report shows that in the first half of 2009 after tax net profit of 28 billion 400 million yuan,  , beyond TSMC NT $26 billion. For this year, he is confident that, even in the case of recession, the entire group’s turnover will be between 60 billion -650 million.

learning capacity: larger find chance

1983, Hon Hai on the use of imported equipment in Japan, the development of the first batch of connectors, officially entered the field of PC, Hon Hai entered a stable period of 20% annual growth. In five years, Hon Hai has grown into a company with a staff of about $1000 and an income of $250 million. Terry Gou did not slow down, he observed, investment opportunities, entry into Shenzhen, the use of land, human resources, a day after the development of the most important Foxconn production base.


Internet business, Internet marketing, is now more popular market, is now more popular business, Internet marketing, want to expand the market, expand sales, traffic is very important, it is critical. However, the flow of light, is not enough, more important is to flow into sales, how to change the flow of sales?


in three days and two nights of network marketing training courses, we will transform the definition to "customer order" this link, after which customers access to business information through Internet connections and business contact through in-depth understanding of product sales information, as the implementation of network marketing effect.

the construction site must have credibility: let customers trust

to you

· enterprise introduction is too simple, sloppy

· contact is not complete, especially the lack of office address

· interactive features can not be used properly · site exposure is not updated for a long time signs

· home a large FLASH animation

· into your site simply can not find the information you want

· product description incomplete

if you enter a website, you certainly want to find yourself looking for things, if you click three times are not found, may even lose patience. An urgent search for potential customers into a product supplier site, may not have the patience to go through layers of directory search rummage, but by. At this point, the station search function is powerful, easy to use, will directly determine whether the site can get this purchase target clear customer inquiry.

Product introduction:

"singer 4" let beautiful sexy Coco Lee appeared in everyone’s line of sight, domineering rich performance so that it has been a good result. More users for the former, Coco Lee fade out of the music is very curious, recently, Coco Lee finally revealed the reason.

however, in a recent interview, the years that Coco Lee accidentally exposed himself disappeared from mainstream stage, not only to "more with her husband and mother", is actually the sound problems, even once speak, so she afraid on the stage. Memories of this experience, Coco Lee due to injury and regret the absence of the Olympic Games since the ratio of Liu Xiang, said at the time also wanted to give up singing career. Fortunately, through continuous practice every day, the voice of the situation has been slowly restored, and better than before".


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